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    Dazzler Dazzles

    I have had a small obsession with Dazzler since I was a young boy in the eighties.  I was very afraid that Dazzler once again having her own series would be like the horrible series she started with. 
    Thank god this was different. 
    The Good- 
    We finally get to see something past the confused character used throughout her past.  Dazzler always had trouble dealing with being a mutant, a singer and a possible lawyer.  In the past this conflict was played over many times, but with no results.  She never progressed.  She just continued to worry whether she was making the right decisions, over and over again. 
    Here Dazzler resolves some of her issues and moves forward as a more three dimensional character. 
    We get to see her use her powers in interesting ways.  I remember an issue of the Xmen from their first visit to Genosha.  Colossus was attempting to keep a huge (weighing many, many tons) metal door from closing.  He can barely keep it open.  Dazzler focuses her power into a solid light beam and blows the door off it's hinges.  I was so elated as a child to see her use her powers in such an astonishing way.  In this issue we get to see her use her powers in ways she is never shown with her small appearances in the Xmen.  
    She stands up to Scott.  And gets some pretty interesting barbs in.  Worth the read. 
    The BAD. 
    Not much.  Even the second tier villian didn't anger me. 

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