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as the resident dazzler fanboy i figured i should write a review of this the story i really liked. it pulled in a lot of elements from the dazzler's original series and her time with the x-men. you can tell the writer was a dazzler fan. ali kicks some major butt in this comic and also deals with some loose plot threads in her life. i liked the art as well. i am not real familar the pencilers. there was more than one. but would not be adverse to seeing their work again. the back up story is less action packed but deals with yet another old plot thread. i really liked this book and makes me wish mccann would write more dazz.

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    You might be thinking "really, Dazzler?". That's what i thought about the original series from 1982 when i bought a few issues for 1 buck a piece. I was happily surprised by that series, as well as this one-shot! It not only is a one-shot, but reallty digs deaper into Dazzler's persone, her feelings and her troubles with her sister, which is a plotline that goes back all the way to the original series before it ended. Truly worth the read, and a grand and beautiful closure for the original serie...

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