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A Decent Vampire Movie

It always is a nice surprise when you look at a preview to a movie, and think "that looks like it could be cool," only to find out, that it actually is.

In this case we have a world filled with Vampires, whose blood supply is running low, and wild humans are becoming more and more rare. We see that Vampires who do not feed become more beastial.

Ethan Hawk works as a scientist whose job is to come up with a blood substitute, but instead is searching for a cure.

This is not so much a horror movie, than it is a science fiction film with horror elements. The main thrust of the film is basically a virus outbreak film.

Everyone involved does an excellent job, especially the Speirig Brothers who have set an excellent pace for the movie.

If I were to find a flaw, I would say it is missing the real ending. The movie has a run time of only 98 minutes. Plenty of room to show us if the heroes actually succeeded or not on a wider scale, and the consequences wether good or bad of their final actions.  

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