Day of Vengeance

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    The Spectre has gone mad and is attacking and killing hundreds of magic users. Spell casters and other magic users are forced to work together in order to stop the rampaging spirit's massacre.

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    "Spectre's plenty scary and all, but he's one of the good guys."

    "No one that powerful is one of the good guys. If nothing else, you should have learned that much by now".



    In the aftermath of Green Lantern: Rebirth, the Spectre is hostless once again, and without a human soul to guide him is unsure of who he must bring God's wrath down upon. Jean Loring, confined in Arkham Asylum for the murder of Sue Dibny during Identity Crisis, is transformed by forces unknown into the new Eclipso. She tells the hostless Spectre that anything that defies nature is evil, and since magic works by bending the natural, all magic is evil. This argument sways the spirit of vengeance, who then vows to destroy magic and all who use it.

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