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Some time after PJ Maybe’s escaped incarceration Chief Judge Francisco and the Council of Five decide to hold an election for a new Mayor in three weeks time. Meanwhile at the Atlantic Spaceport a mysterious woman calling herself Ms Torsen enters the city. At the Hiroshima Hotel she is given a gun and heads to an undertakers called Dead Easy. Here she meets some Sov sleeper agents and reveals her name is Nadia. When one of the agents says he has a girlfreind living in Mega City One Nadia breaks his neck and orders the others to take care of the girl.

Dredd it teaching a class on attitude at the Academy of Law and after Psi Cadet Hennessy tells him that she sees death and destruction on election day but can’t see more. Dredd tells her to focus on why it is happening and to contact him if she gets anything more. Soon after Hennessy gets a vision of the agents killing the girlfriend, called Treena, and alerts Dredd of this. They try to find Treena’s location but Hennessy can only an image of her face.

The Judges cross reference a picture drawn by Cadet Hennessy and the name Treena with the Justice Department’s Central Database to find her apartment. When the Judges arrive they find her already dead and after some investigating they decide to investigate Treena’s boyfriend Billy, who was the sleeper agent that Nadia killed. Going off of one of Hennessy’s psi flashes they find Billy’s corpse in a chem pit. Dredd gets PSU Judge Roffman to do a background check on Billy to find out his movements before his death..

The Sov agents kidnap Former Deputy Civilian Director of Mega City One’s Bio-Warfare Research Facility, a Elmore Yurges. They take him and his family to Dead Easy and put them in coffins to be smuggled out of the city. Using information found by Judge Roffman, Dredd gets ninety Judges to do a sweep of the last known location of Billy. One of the Judges, Elliott, enters the Dead Easy and is killed by an undercover Sov agent masquerading as a Judge.

The Judge escorts the van holding the Yurges family out of the city, but Nadia stays behind to burn down the Dead Easy and takes to the roof of a nearby building with a rifle. When Dredd arrives she takes a shot at him but hits a Judge who is driving by on his Lawmaster. The other Judges on site fire at her with Heatseakers and she falls off of the roof and into the road. When Dredd goes to check that she is dead she springs into life stabs him in the throat, but she is unable to twist the blade before she is shot down by the Judges.

Two days later Judge Dredd is being debriefed at St. David Icke Hospital. After running a DNA check the Justice Department was able to find out that Nadia was one of the last Superhumans created by East-Meg One before it was nuked at the end of the Apocalypse War. They also found out that the Yurges family has gone missing and are expecting the worse.

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