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Unique Idea

I've been looking for a good monster series for quite sometime now, so having found a new Vampire related series, one which doesn't require any previous knowledge or research is a real treat for me. I'll have to say that for the first issue, this was really well written.

When reading this, It's important to consider that there had been numerous vampire-related series before, and not only that, the concept of vampires has been used in many forms of media before, such Books, movies, and videogames. Therefore, it's actually pretty refreshing when a writer comes up with a unique way to enrich that which has been used many times beforehand. The main character of the book is David Reid, a young man who works for a specif vampire family. David is from the start a likable character, the fact that he is a tuxedo wearing, cane welding vampire enforcer really leaves a huge impression on the readers; at least, I'm certain when I say that he had a good impression on me. The series is called "Day Men", which again goes back to the whole uniqueness of the series. It doesn't take much to realize that Vampires can't really do much during the day, so it' natural they'd need someone to do their bidding when they are "crippled".

The story itself is really interesting as it combines the notion of vampires, opposing mobs, and the damaging effects certain "wars" can possibly cause. The story follows a natural flow and sets up a lot a couple of mysteries to keep the reader captivated and interested, which is always a plus. However, there is one gripe a do have. Take note that this is the VERY first issue of the series, meaning that it's basic mission, is to explain the setting to the readers. However, in this issue I felt that certain developments happened way to quickly. Don't get me wrong, the issue was very well written, but I can't feel that we weren't given enough time to realize the things that were happening. On the other hand, it's possible that maybe I'm jumping to conclusions as I'm not exactly sure where the story will go.

As for the art, I have to say that Personally I have no issue with it. In fact I absolutely loved it and I think that it suits the book well. For starters the lighting and coloring is expertly executed, because it balances really well between darkness and light, which if you ask me is very apt for a vampire related book. I like Davids design too, especially the gray hair. Thing is, while the character is meant to be young, the older look really reflects on his personality, because from what I've seen, David is meant to be very wise, or at least, that's what occurred to be when I first looked at him.

While I had some personal gripes( I say "personal" because I can see why many wouldn't have the same problem), this issue was a great success in my eyes. Mainly because it has almost everything a introductory Issue should include. The elements that have been planted still require exploring, which should interesting any reader who picks this title up.

Recommendation: yes.

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