Location » Daxia appears in 3 issues.

    A type of limbo realm for different incarnations of Darius Dax. An evil paradise for characters "written out" of continuity.

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    Long before Daxia, it was once an absolute and infinite white void. By 1941, the Original Darius Dax was the first of many inhabitants to be "erased" from their existence. Besides himself, he soon found remnants from his world that appeared in limbo (various hideouts like Omega Chemical Works). In the next several years, much like Supremacy, more variants of Darius Dax started to appear after they disappeared from existence and each one more different from the last. By 1968, King Darius IV and his home planet, Daxanadu, arrived. Under his leadership, King Darius combined the help of the Original Dax, 40s Nazi Mad Scientist Dax and his children Divina & Danny Dean Dax, and Darius Duck turned their uninhabited world into dysfunctional and dangerous world of Darius Daxes who'd been displaced from multiple revisions. By using the fragments from their separate mythologies as raw materials; the planet Daxanadu, the Omega Chemical Works, and various other hideouts, they spent the over thirty years of construction to build a chaotic city in their own image to house each Dax that has been rubbed out of existence.

    By the late 90s, a Darius Dax of that era somehow found himself transported to Daxia fully restored from a strange side effect after creating a paradox that was caused from the combination of Magno's body infusing with the artificial supremium created by Supreme. Once awoken, Dax found himself surrounded by the Original Darius Dax, Daxor, Delory Dax, and Darius Duck. They take the new Dax to King Darius IV who explains everything to him. Once everything made sense, King Darius sends the 90s Dax back to his world through a dimensional portal called the Dark Doorway.

    Soon later, the 90s Dax returns to Daxia after he discovers that Supreme has a similar limbo realm full of dimensional duplicates from a Omniman comic book published by Diana Dane at Dazzle Comics and plans to rally every Dax to invade the Citadel Supreme and the Supremacy. Their plans almost success until the original Liefeld Supreme kills every Darius Dax to end the massacre.

    Known Inhabitants:

    An Army of Daxes
    An Army of Daxes
    • Original Darius Dax
    • Daxor
    • Delory Dax
    • Darius Duck
    • King Darius VI
    • Dax-of-the-Future
    • Dead-Eye Dax
    • 40s Nazi Mad Scientist Dax
      • Divina Dax
      • Danny Dean Dax
    • Daxaniod 358
    • Grim 80s Tittering Transvestite Serial Killer Dax
    • Darla Dax
    • Tremendax
    • Doomsdax (a parody of Doomsday from DC Comics)
    • Dianax
    • Daxian [deceased]
    • Maxi-Dax

    Known Locations:

    • Dax Drugs
    • Dsico Dax
    • Dax Center
    • The Double-D
    • The Daxdrome
    • Salon De Dax
    • One-Eyed-Dax Casino

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