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    Located in Space Sector 1760, the planet Daxam originated as a colony of Kryptonians who left Krypton to explore the universe. It is the homeworld of Mon-El, Sodam Yat and Andromeda.

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    Millennia ago, a group of Kryptonians left Krypton to wander the universe in exploration. An astronomer, Val-Or, discovered a distant sun (which was named after him). Eventually journeying to Val-Or's star system, the explorer, Dax-Am (who also discovered Imsk, Durla and Schwar) founded the planet which was named after him. The Kryptonian colonists were able to mate with the natives and so interbred to create a new species, Daxamites. After several generations, the Daxamites forgot about their Kryptonian origins.

    Eventually, Daxamites decided to expand in the universe. Young Zax Vane led a peaceful exploration to several worlds including Rann, Korugar and Krypton. During their exploration of the universe, the Daxamite explorers discovered they had great powers under a yellow sun. And, unlike Kryptonians, Daxamites could breed with some other humanoid races.

    One explorer, Bal Gand, visited Earth and fell in love with Juyu, a native. They conceived a child and Gand left Earth, fearing what would might happen by raising a Daxamite baby in Earth's primitive culture. When Bal Gand returned to Daxam, she kept her ship ready for a return voyage to Earth, worried that her mixed-race child might not be accepted on Daxam. Bal Gand's descendants were born with a natural curiousity about the universe.

    Xenophobia grew strong in the other Daxamites, however. A Science War broke-out over the issue, and cost the lives of a quarter of the total population. Over the years, this fostered a Sorrow Cult, who feared all things alien. Over hundreds of years, their leader altered written history to omit the Science War and any relation to Krypton.

    Young Lar Gand and his friend Van discovered Bal Gand's old ship. The Sorrow Cult chased them, and Lar fled inside the ship, which followed its preprogrammed course back to Earth. While sleeping on the trip, Lar learned of Krypton, and when he arrived on Earth, his memory was clouded, and he believed he had come from Krypton, not Daxam. Lar was named Mon-El, being mistaken for a Kryptonian by a young Clark Kent who wished for Lar to be his brother from Krypton. When exposed to lead, however, Mon-El regained his memory, but Clark was forced to project him into the Phantom Zone to save his life until a cure for the lead poisoning could be discovered.

    Sodam Yat grew up on Daxam as well. This was a tough life for Sodam who was interested in space and alien life. This also brought him into conflict with his parents. When he was about 8 years old he nursed a crashed alien back to health and the two became close friends. When his parents found out, the alien was captured and killed. Sodam's parents put him through psychiatric conditioning to help him get over his fascination with space. This worked until Sodam took a trip the museum, where he saw his alien friend stuffed and made to look evil. From then on, he put on an act for his parents, but he spent his spare time rebuilding his friend's spaceship. The day that he was going to leave Daxam, was the day he was offered a Power Ring to join the Green Lantern Corps.

    The people of Daxam encountered earthlings during the Invasion event, when a number of alien worlds took an interest in Earth for it’s propensity to breed numerous super-powered beings. The Dominators, looking to create an army for their own purposes, contacted the Gil’Dishpan, the Khunds, the Thanagarians, the Durlans, the Okaarans, the Psions, and the Daxamites. All species agreed to invade Earth, except the Daxamites who sent an observation team, refusing to take part in any of the fighting.

    Once the invasion force had invaded Australia, the Daxamite group began to exhibit their yellow-sun activated powers. The seven of them attacked Superman, beating him nearly senseless. They fought for several minutes but being exposed to the high contents of lead in Earth’s atmosphere left the Daxamites dying. Only the quick thinking of Superman saved them.

    The Daxamites realized they were on the wrong side. One of them, Kel Gand, sacrificed himself to radio the other Daxamites to involve itself in this unjust invasion. Many Daxamite vessels intercepted the Alliance warships and attacked, using their new found powers. They turned the tide of the invasion.

    During the war with Imperiex, Daxam was attacked by dozens of Imperiex Probes, which were responsible for killing hundreds of Daxamites. The Justice Society of America and others, traveled to Daxam and liberated the planet without suffering a single lose of life.

    Later, Daxam was taken over by the galactic despot known as Mongul. Armed with a handful of Yellow Power Rings, Mongul made Daxam the new base of operations for the Sinestro Corps. Green Lanterns Arisia and Sodam Yat flew to Daxam to save the people from Mongul. Sodam realized the only way to save Daxam was to get the people to fight for themselves. Sodam flew into Daxam's red sun and infused it with the power of Ion, changing it from a red sun into a yellow sun. This act gave the Daxamites their inherent super-powers. It seemingly cost Sodam Yat his life, but the people of Daxam now had the power to defend themselves.

    The Future of Daxam

    By the latter part of the 30th Century, Daxam's sun is once again red. It is not as yet, known when or how this happened. It also appears that the major Xenophobia that the people once had is now gone. In fact, Daxam is considered to be the leaders in the field of xenobiology.

    Once the Legion of Super-Heroes formed, one of their members, Brainiac 5 of Colu, was able to come up with a cure for Daxamite lead poisoning. So, after being forced into exile in the Phantom Zone for approximately 1000 years, Mon-El was freed. Mon-El was possibly the most powerful member of the Legion, and brought great pride to Daxam. When Lightning Lad gave his life fighting Zaryan the Conqueror, Mon-El went to Daxam to try to find a way to bring Lightning Lad back to life.

    Later, during the Great Darkness Saga, Mon-El faced the Master of the darkness alone. The master, Darkseid, defeated Mon-El, putting him into a coma. Darkseid learned of Daxam from Mon-El's mind, and use his god-like powers to switch the locations of Daxam and Apokolips, putting Daxam under Apokolips' yellow sun. The Daxamite's were enslaved under Darkseid's control, and he forced them to use their heat vision to burn the planet, carving it into Darkseid's image. It took all of the Legion, the Legion of Substitute Heroes, The Heroes of Lallor, The Wanderers, Dev-Em, and the Science Police to fight off the Daxamite's and defeat Darkseid.

    It took month's of recovery. The Legion helped repair the world of Daxam, but even though the Daxamite's were mind controlled, the people of the United Planet's still look at them with a little fear.

    Native Powers

    Possessed of genome similar to that of Kryptonians, modified by the Eradicator, become deathly ill when exposed to lead. Thus, the people of Daxam rarely leave their home planet. The Daxamites, when exposed to the radiant light of a yellow sun gain powers and abilities similar to that of Superman, including super strength, flight, near-invulnerability, super-senses, super-speed, arctic breath, heat vision and x-ray vision. Unlike Kryptonians, Daxamites can breed with other species.

    Other Media



    Many scenes of planet Daxam have been shown in season 2 of the series. Notable Daxamites, like Mon El, are on the show. The Daxam language is even shown

    The Daxamite language
    The Daxamite language


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