Character » Dawnsilk appears in 21 issues.

    In the late 37th-early 39th century, Dawnsilk was a member of the Clan Chosen.

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    Dawnsilk is a member of Cable's future team the Clan Chosen.


    Issue #1
    Issue #1

    First written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Art Thibert in 1993, she appeared in the first issue of Cable.


    A Neural Dilemma
    A Neural Dilemma

    Dawnsilk is a core member of the Clan Chosen. She mans the front lines in most of the battles. During an early mission, Dawnsilk was at Cable's side as they hike through some venting tunnels to find some of Stryfe's men. They run right into the man himself. While Cable is distracted by the enemy, Dawnsilk is taken hostage by Cable's son, Tyler, who had previously been a teammate. He uses his mutant abilities to link his mind with hers so that Cable couldn't escape by teleporting. Fortunately for Dawnsilk, Cable realizes that his son is too far gone and shoots him, freeing Dawnsilk. Unfortunately for Dawnsilk, the abrupt disturbance in the mind link gives her slight brain damage. Cable then teleports his team to safety.

    Despite her malady, Dawnsilk stays an integral part of the Clan Chosen. She is still able to fight quite viciously. When Cable drops Garrison Kane off in the future for some upgrades to his armaments, he and Dawnsilk butt heads like siblings. When Flatliners attack, however, they are both all business. Dawnsilk is again taken captive. A Flatliner uses her as leverage to try to get the Clan Chosen to surrender. With his normal perfect timing, Cable reappears and blasts the Flatliner. Dawnsilk and the team run from the dead Flatliner and in seconds the suit explodes. Cable informs everyone that their next move is against the New Canaanites and their freshly completed Tinex, a time travel device.

    Dawnsilk accompanies the Clan Chosen to Niagara Falls to take out the Tinex. Looking outnumbered, Dawnsilk is the first to open fire on the enemy. Once the team breaks through and Cable and Kane head back to the 20th Century, Dawnsilk and the rest of the team blow up the Tinex, narrowly escaping.

    Other Media


    X-Men: The Animated Series

    Dawnsilk in episode
    Dawnsilk in episode "Time Fugitives (Part 1)"

    Dawnsilk made 3 cameo appearances in the animated series along with the rest of Clan Chosen. She had no speaking role.


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