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    Dawn is a young trainer from Twinleaf Town, she aspires to be not only the best pokemon trainer, but coordinator as well.

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    Dawn is a trainer from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh region, She is based off the manga character Diamond in the Pokemon special series. She makes her debut in the anime, choosing Piplup as her starter pokemon, on the first day of her journey she helps Ash rescue Pikachu from Team Rocket.

    Dawn is a very strong willed and confident girl, she often is able to see her weaknesses and works to improve her faults. This is apparent in D&P where she went on a horrible losing streak, losing her confidence and will as a trainer she challenged Veilstone City Gym leader Maylene to a pokemon battle; Even though she lost she found out what she was doing wrong and she defeated May in the Wallace Cup.

    She is the child of a locally known coordinator named Johanna, and she gives Dawn her very first ribbon on the day she leaves to start her journey. One thing that separates dawn from her other generation counter-parts is her fashion forward mind. She has made various costumes for her Bunerary and Piplup, and she will not let Ash and Brock see her until she has brushed her hair.

    Currently Dawn has five Ribbons, with which she came in fourth in the Sinnoh grand festival, loosing to her rival Zoey. Dawn later decided to stay in Sinnoh.

    Dawn's Pokemon


    Swinub > Piloswine > Mamoswine


    Piplup: Dawn's first pokemon. he desires not to evolve.


    Aipom > Ambipom: originality ash's he traded her Buizel. she desire to show off and like to be pokemon contest more.

    Buizel: traded him for Ash's Ambipom when he desired to battle more

    Patented Techniques

    As a coordinator she has made many maneuvers and some of them are team attacks. Some of her moves aided Ash used in combat and vice versa.

    Spin Dodge: a maneuver that dodges the enemy’s attack and makes the enemy lose track of them. This provides the Pokémon with stealth and leaves opponent unguarded. This maneuver has aided Ash a lot in battle

    Ice Aqua Jet: it is team maneuver which one Pokemon uses aqua jet and the other uses ice beam on the one use aqua jet. This maneuver requires training but once perfected the pokemon that uses aqua jet is incase icy armor and the attack immensely stronger and pretty. There is one disadvantage it has low accuracy


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