Dawn Golden

    Character » Dawn Golden appears in 9 issues.

    Childhood friend and one-time girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, Dawn Golden is one of the most important people in Bruce's life. Dawn's destiny was foretold by her father, that she would die so that her father could become lord of hell on Earth, Bruce is bent on protecting Dawn.

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    Childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, Dawn Golden escaped from her father's finger tips to become a woman of integrity. Hiding in plain sight, Dawn became a party girl to hide her mysterious past. Batman finds out in the end that Dawn's father was practicing cult and making deals with demons, and found out that Dawn has a mystic calling on her soul. To this day, Aleister Golden tries to kill his daughter and claim her soul in hell.


    Dawn Golden was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. When they first met, Bruce didn't like Dawn too much, thinking she was cold and mean to him. But the two eventually grew closer, and ended up dating until she apparently broke up with Bruce in college. Bruce of course, was heart broken but he didn't fully understand the circumstances of Dawn leaving him. Dawn's father Aleister Golden was a recluse who amassed great wealth by supernatural means. It turns out that Aleister was an occultist and the only reason why he allowed his wife to bare a child is so he could sacrifice it later when he or she was of proper age. Aleister's wife took Dawn away the moment she was born in order to keep her daughter out of Aleister's unnatural world. Unfortunately, Aleister still remained in contact with his estranged daughter in secret because Dawn did not want to believe her mother's fantastical stories about her father conducting unholy rituals with demons.

    When Aleister fell gravely ill, he asked Dawn to come so that he could bid her farewell. Dawn laid by father's bedside with tears coming down her face and Aleister lured her into a false sense of comfort by stroking her hair. At that moment, Dawn noticed a glimmer of light in her eyes as she picked up her head. Aleister was about to stab her with a dagger. Dawn grabs her father's wrist and breaks it thus causing him to drop the dagger. Aleister confesses his true intention of bringing Dawn to his ancestral home. Aleister needed to sacrifice Dawn because her soul would serve a greater cause which was making him a Lord of Hell on Earth. Dawn left her father agony and Aleister eventually died or so everyone thought.

    Years later, Dawn would grow into a Gotham socialite but she mysteriously disappears, shortly before Bruce set Batman Incorporated into motion. Unbeknownst to anyone, Dawn was actually having some fun with her friends by entering a "freak date" competition. The object of the game was to pick someone who looked abnormal and go on a date with them then induce pity as well as ridicule when the date was over. Dawn made the mistake of choosing Oswald Cobblepot as her "freak date". After Penguin was made a fool of, he calls in Killer Croc to abduct her from the Iceberg Lounge parking lot. Dawn knew she had made a mistake so she makes a hasty exit to her driver's car. Dawn tells her driver to take her back to her apartment but her driver has been murdered and replaced by the demonic Ragman. Ragman tells Dawn that he has been sent by her father to claim her soul. Dawn runs out of the car screaming but then she is captured by Killer Croc.

    Bruce tries to uncover what exactly happened to Dawn. Dawn was eventually found by Batman after Killer Croc and Penguin tried to blow them both up with a bomb strapped to Batman. She was revealed to be placed in some sort of heating room, awaiting her death, and has a strange connection with Gotham's Criminally Insane.

    Batman manages to save Dawn and take her to her apartment. Dawn tells Batman about her father and how she feels that he wants to get to her. However, Batman promises to protect Dawn and end her father's influence on her.

    Suddenly, they are attacked by a group of demons, who kidnap Dawn and take her to the sewers, where her father plans to sacrifice her to gain hellish power. Batman and Etrigan arrive at the sewers but are to late to save Dawn, who is killed by her father. However, Etrigan manages to destroy Aleister, allowing Dawn to go to the afterlife in peace.


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