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Plot Summary

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Bruce begins to remember his childhood friend, Dawn Golden. Wanting to find her, Bruce finds out that Dawn has been accompanying herself with Gotham's Underworld. Bent on protecting her from the insane criminals, Batman begins to start with Killer Croc which leads to him battling Penguin. The two criminals were working together to sell Dawn as a prostitute. Penguin's intentions to kill both, Dawn and Batman, failed when Killer Croc decided he didn't want to die in the Penguin's bombing. Batman saved Dawn and eventually rekindles with his childhood friend. During this time, the monsters (i.e. Ragman) and demons (i.e. Etrigan) that operate in Gotham are being controlled by an unknown force.   

Full Plot

Bruce has a flashback of the first time he met Dawn Golden, he remembers her a sullen and aloof child, always being watched by her father. Thomas Wayne suggested that Bruce and Dawn play outside while he talked with her father, Aleister. While Aleister was reluctant to let her daughter go outside, Thomas convinced him that she needs fresh air. When Bruce began to play with his kite that his parents gave him, Dawn took it from him and let it blow away in the wind. Bruce was enraged and tried to attack Dawn, but eventually the two fell in love with one another at the same time.  
In the present, GCPD is trying to deal with Dawn missing. A new addition to the team, Lt. Forbes, wants to be on the Dawn Golden Case, however Jim Gordon wants him on regular street crimes in Gotham. Harvey tells Jim that they've scanned Dawn's apartment for clues, but nothing turns up. Batman hears the news of his missing friend, and finds a clue that leads to Killer Croc. He finds out that Croc has been taking street level Venom, and quickly attacks Croc with deadly force. With all of the force, it barely hurts him, the battle eventually leads to Croc being badly wounded.  Batman begins to ask questions about Dawn Golden, and Killer Croc tells him that Lars Beck took Ms. Golden.  
Later, Jim meets with Batman and talks about the mysterious Lars Beck. Through police records, Lars Beck was a smalltime crook in Gotham City. He was eventually killed by an unknown person (revealed to be the Penguin) and thrown into Gotham Bay. 
 "Your Goose Is Cooked"
In the narrows, the homeless guys were talking about missing members to their gang. They were discussing that they should always stick together, or else they'll turn up dead like the rest of their gang. When another homeless man was screaming, the three members found out that he was brutally murdered. Batman is talking with Alfred about Dawn Golden in the batcave and also looking more into Lars Beck. While they search for more information, Bruce eventually leaves to the last known location of the late Mr. Beck. Using his x-ray vision built into his cowl, Batman finds out that Dawn Golden's necklace is in the position of -- the Penguin! Penguin tells his men to shoot Batman, with quick thinking Batman trips them up in a line of wire. 
Batman interrogates Penguin by breaking his arm and leg, but before he gave anything out to Batman, Killer Croc is revealed to have been working with Penguin all along. The two leave with Batman as their hostage. Outside, a mysterious woman is stealing the batmobile with some unusual technology. In Jason Blood's home, he is witnessing many mystical signs all at once, so he takes it upon himself to kill those who oppose the order of things. Saying his rhyme, he switches to Etrigan to hunt down the threat of all mystical beings. Meanwhile, Batman is strapped to bomb which is triggered by his heart rate, and is chained up in an abandoned train station with Killer Croc watching him. Back in the narrows, Ragman is seen as the threat to the homeless guys and is badly wounded by Etrigan. While Etrigan was protecting the homeless man at first, he killed him in an instant. With the bomb strapped to Batman about to blow, he quickly dislocates his arm and finds Dawn needing much care. He arrives to find his batmobile parked right outside of the train station and sees a young woman running away from the car, Batman and Dawn don't talk and they drive to a safe location. In the hospital, Penguin is seen working with Ragman at trying to open the gates of hell. 

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