Dawn Blackthorne

    Character » Dawn Blackthorne appears in 16 issues.

    Dawn Blackthorne the favorite daughter of the Blackthrone family. She can manipulate light.

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    Dawn Blackthorne is the twin sister of Dusk Blackthorne and the favorite daughter. She is the polar opposite of Dusk as she can manipulate light while her sister manipulates shadows. Dawn is the member of the family that holds the others together. She is very close to her mother, Kitty Blackthorne. After a family meeting where she denied being in a relationship with anyone Dawn flies to the apartment of her secret lover that is revealed [to the readers] to be Celeste Noble. She was out one night with an acquaintance and met Celeste and Frost. Dawn is immediately attracted to the beautiful Celeste and after getting her number contacts her and asks her on a shopping date. Celeste agrees as she has very few friends and the two spend the day together shopping.

    After their spree is over Dawn works up the nerve to kiss Celeste but is immediately rejected. Dawn is later surprised to find Celeste Noble once again at her doorstep and is very surprised when Celeste kisses her. The two begin their secret lesbian love affair spending time with one another as they can. Dawn does not like the fact that she has to share her lover with the Noble Family one bit. They constantly seem to drag her into their business despite the fact that Celeste and Rusty Noble are divorced. She also does not like that Frost calls her quite often, but Celeste turns him down most of the time.

    Dawn concocts a plan to split Celeste from the Nobles but it never comes to fruition as Celeste kills her mother after Kitty Blackthorne begs her to end her life. Kitty was a shape shifter that is losing control of her animal persona every time she changed. It is hinted that Dawn may have divulged her clandestine relationship with Celeste Noble to Kitty but the later does not state this for sure. Dawn arrived just as Celeste decapitates her mother much to Dawn's horror. It is only after the deed is done that Celeste learned that there was a cure for Kitty's condition, but was not aware of this before she died as Kitty herself explained there was no cure. This event terminates Celeste & Dawn's relationship.

    The Nobles and the Blackthornes engage in a fight at the funeral after Celeste arrives to try and pay her respects.


    Dawn, like her name implies, the power to emit light, beams of light energy and can fly.


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