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    Davida Kirby is May Parker's best friend in the MC2 universe.

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    Davida is May's teammate on the Basketball team. She is also May's confidant more so than Courtney since they first met playing soccer when they were kids. Usually a tell-it-how-it-is type of girl. Davida is always trying to give advice to May, weather she wants it or not.


    Davida Kirby was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz and first appeared in What if...? Volume 2 issue 105 (1998). So far. she has only appeared in the alternate reality of MC2.

    Major Story Arcs

    High School

    An athlete at heart, the only thing more important then basketball is good friends, something Davida is very good at besides her game on the court. She has also started to crush on JJ's friend Richie Robertson. Davida recently lost her starting spot on the girl's basketball team to Nancy Yu, which has caused a rift to form between her and May. Things took a turn for the worse when Davida throw a ball at Nancy's head in front of the whole basketball team. Nancy had no choice but to use her powers to deflect the ball, revealing her mutant powers. This revelation caused a big hole to form between the school board and the students and Nancy's friends on what to do with the situation. However, Nancy decided to leave and joined the Xavier Institute for Mutants, leaving Davida to try to make amends with May and the rest of her friends for what she helped cause. Davida eventually confronted May on her ditching her friends when they stumbled onto Kevin Hartman and the Dragon King. Davida and May had a small brawl with the two until May revealed that Kevin had been using the Dragon King for his own fun. Davida and May patched things up between the two of them and are trying to make a fresh start. Davida has also thought about pursuing public relations like her mother.

    Campaign Manager

    When May decided to run for Student Council, Davida was May's campaign manager. When May returned to crime-fighting, her school work and social life suffered. Eventually, May pulled out of the election, nominating Davida in her place, leading to a win by a landslide majority. Noticing the chemistry between May and Wes Westin, Davida asked Wes out in an attempt to make May realize her feelings for Wes. When some of her fellow students proposed a new club based on the mutant hate group Humanity First, Davida rejected them and publicly denounced their actions. Davida and Courtney were instrumental in 'encouraging' Wes to finally asking May out.


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