Character » David appears in 7 issues.

    David is a member of The Saviors.

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    Something To Fear

    David is seen hiding from Eugene and Abraham as they go to collect supplies to make ammunition. He is seen with a few of Negan's men, motioning them to stay quiet as they spy on Abraham and Eugene passing by. He is later seen at the Alexandria Safe-Zone with Dwight and a few other Saviors trying, unsuccessfully, to gain access. He then retreats with other Saviors and Dwight.

    He later assists Negan and several other Saviors on the road by ambushing Rick's group, he is seen pointing a gun at Rick's head. He then watches as Negan beats Glenn's skull in.

    All Out War

    David is later seen fighting off zombies, alongside Negan and the rest of the Saviors. After the Saviors are forced to retreat back into The Sanctuary, David comes into the room Holly is in, checking in on her. She asks him if she could have some water, and he replies that he'll give her some water, if she has sex with him. David then begins to rip Holly's shirt open and remove her pants, but, Negan walks in. Negan is mad at David for attempting to rape Holly and questions him before stabbing David in the neck, killing him.


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