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So I just finished reading Batwing #1 and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Very excited about this series, however it got me thinking... are we getting another Marvel/DC mirror?  We have our first African American Batman at the same time we have a half Hispanic and half African American Spider-Man.  Both are new takes on classic characters  Though I enjoyed Miles Morales' debut in Ultimate Comics I really feel that Marvel is pushing this on us hard.  I can appreciate having some diversity but it feels so slapped together why not make him half homosexual as well? (Not that that would be a problem but I feel like they are stuffing 10 lbs of diversities in a 5 lb melting pot).  I might be jumping the gun with my judgement on Miles Morales as he hasn't even had a full issue yet but I really feel Batwing will be more of his own character.  Also I feel I am biased slightly due to Donald Glover's stink about not being the new Spider-Man and Bendis' acknowledgment of that when writing the character.  Tough crap Donald....we can have race switches for characters like the Kingpin (Michael Clark Duncan) but if Stone Cold Steve Austin made a petition to be Black Panther I'm sure some folks would have a lot to say.  In summation, I feel DC is doing a better job at selling their character whereas Marvel feels like they are cramming a PC quota filler down my throat.

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@Nefilim927:  I've said from the beginning diversity for the sake of diversity is a failure. Now, after reading both issues, I agree with you very much. While Miles -so far- feels flat and like nothing more than a token character of "diversity," David's character simply blew me away. I cannot remember the last time I was introduced to a brand new character and felt such a connection to him. I felt that he was a real character in a real world. He has real motivations, a real story to tell. He has far more purpose than just being a "black Batman." I am incredibly excited to see David's history, and to see where he goes as Batwing.
Also, wasn't it simply gut wrenching when:
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@MydLyfeCrysis: That last page of Batwing was pretty brutal!  I have a feeling Batwing will make its way to one of my top books.  I don't want to count out Miles Morales just yet but we'll see what goes on
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Batwing was pretty epic, he's quickly becoming one of my favourite character while Miles (right now) seems more like a gimmick.

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Jesus, there will always be people who will bitch all day for no reason. Batwing story is solid, it is not a "diversity for diversity" character. You're just annoying, i dont even think you've read this book till the end of the story with massacre.

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@TheThe: Lol you didn't even read the OP.

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I've read the OP. You know, before giving my opinion about this ongoing series, i've read 8 issues of it in a row. I know everybody dont do that, but the OP and MydLifeCrisis seem like readers who are judging a book with only one issue. It's not faire to me, and i dont even see where their conclusions come from, because Batwing is the opposite of a "diversity character lacking good writing". In some other threads, MydLifeCrisis was already talking about diversity,and racism, and this and that. So i assume maybe he is the one with a problem.

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@TheThe: SMH If you read any of the posts in this thread you would know that they were all talking positively about Batwing.

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The thing is not talking in a positive or negative way, the thing is why do they bring diversity in the subject for no reason ? If i dont like a series, it's because inconsistancies, bad writting, bad art etc. If i like a series, it's because stunning storytelling, magnificent art etc. There's no need to bring up "diversity" in this, particularly at the very first issue of the books. When people say that they love or hate a "classic" ongoing series carrying a white heterosexual character, they will never argue about the "whiteness" or "heterosexuality" of a character. So i dont see the point of talking about diversity here, even if someone ends to like the comic he was already bitching about(" diversity for the sake of diversity is a failure" etc). And yes, i've read the threads, and MLC talks A LOT about about diversity and racial issues. I just dont see what is the purpose? Cant people just enjoy the book without killing the fun with long debates about race and diversity ?

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Anyway, maybe this is how the Batwing forum works, so i'm sorry if i ruin your debates. It's just not my cup of tea, and to each is own. Apologies.

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@TheThe: They weren't referring to Batwing being a publicity stunt, they were talking about Miles Morales being a "diversity for the sake of diversity" character which is true. OP was asking if Marvel made the Ultimate universe Spider-Man Black as a counter to the new Black member of the Bat family. IMO Batwing is a great original character that is Black and Miles Morales is a money grab. Don't be naive in thinking that making the face of Marvel a Black/Hispanic kid(in an alternate universe) wasn't for forced diversity.

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@ Duke_Nasty Wow, bad weekend for my computer to be down. And I assume OP means Opening Post? I think you correctly grasped my feelings about this series. I really enjoy this title and hope it continues to sell well enough to continue. Also I feel your last comment about David being a great original character and Miles being a money grab to be spot on! As far as TheThe goes it seems like you are just looking to start some race trouble on the interwebs...

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