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    Xanatos is a businessman who was essentially the Gargoyles' Lex Luthor. He has since redeemed himself and has become one of their greatest allies.

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    David Xanatos was born in Maine to a local fisherman Petros Xanatos. A stranger gave David a rare coin one day which he was able to sell for 20,000 dollars. Xanatos was on his way to amassing his fortune. Xanatos was unaware at the time that the stranger who gave him that coin was a member of the Illuminati, Xanatos has since become a member.

    Xanatos poached two very useful allies off Halcyon Renard, in Owen Burnett (Secretly Puck) and the scientist Sevarius. He also met Halcyon's daughter Fox who he would later marry. Owen Burnett later revealed he was Puck and offered Xanatos one wish from Puck or lifelong service from Owen Burnett. This impressed the immortal Puck immensely and Puck had such respect for Xanatos, that he would even stand against his own king for Xanatos at a later date.

    Between 1975 and 1994, Xanatos entered into an alliance with Demona due to the machinations of a time traveling Finella, Mary and Brooklyn. Xanatos raised Castle Wyvern atop the Eyrie Building and awoke the Gargoyles from their curse. Xanatos attempted to manipulate the Gargoyles into stealing for him but was stopped by Elisa Maza. The Gargoyles fought Xanatos and his Steel Clan Robots and defeated him. Xanatos was forced to go to jail for receiving stolen property from the thefts he had the Gargoyles carry out before he was caught.

    After failing to bend the Manhattan Clan to his will, Xanatos attempted to create his Gargoyles through cloning and genetic engineering. He got Sevarius to first create the Mutates. The Mutates were a group of humans whose dna was spliced with that of animal dna to create Gargoyle-like creatures. The Mutates rebelled against Xanatos and became allies of the Manhattan Clan.

    He later attempted to clone Goliath. Thailog was created and was programmed to think just like Xanatos. This backfired and Thailog attempted to kill Xanatos, Goliath and Sevarius, if it wasn't for Elisa Maza he might have died.

    Right after this incident Fox and Xanatos met each other again. They departed on a whirlwind romance and the quickly married. Xanatos gave Fox part of the Eye of Odin as an engagement gift. The Eye of Odin transformed Fox into a werewolf luckily Goliath intervened and saved Fox. Xanatos invited Goliath to his wedding supposedly in gratitude. What Xanatos actually wanted was the part of the Phoenix Gate that Goliath had and when Demona arrived to the wedding with her half Xanatos teleported himself, Goliath, Demona, Fox and his father back in time to Scotland in the year 975.

    While in the past Xanatos saved Princess Elena and King Malcolm from bandits to which he was rewarded some old coins. Xanatos sent one of the coins to the Illuminati Society with instructions to send the coin to him in 1975 and establish his wealth.

    Demona and Xanatos's alliance ended when she cursed everyone in Manhattan and turned them permanently to stone. Xanatos was forced to ally with Goliath to stop her. The alliance was temporary however and in later months Xanatos continued to move against the Manhattan Clan.

    This all changed after the birth of Xanatos son Alexander. Fox was the daughter of Anastasia Renard an alias of Titania Queen of the third race. Titania wanted the child (At least thats what she made everyone think.) and enlisted Oberon to claim him for her. The Gargoyles, Halcyon Renard and Puck all attempted to protect Alexander from Oberon but failed and Oberon defeated all of there defenses When Oberon was about to claim Alexander Fox let loose a magic blast. Goliath used this to prove that Alexander could stay with his parents and not lose his magical potential as Fox had never learned of hers and just tapped into it. Goliath suggested that Puck could teach Alexander in the use of his magical powers and Oberon and Titania agreed. Xanatos was truly grateful for this and promised to do anything he could to repay them.

    Xanatos was true to his word over the coming months he created new bodies for Coldfire and Coldsteel and when the Gargoyles existence was revealed to the public he offered his home and protection to them.


    Xanatos is the richest man in the Gargoyles Universe. He has the resources to accomplish almost all that he wishes. He is a very smart man, able to manipulate those around him to do what he wants. He is also skilled at martial arts. He is a strong leader, able to command his company and many teams of evil doers. 
    Xanatos uses a power suit whenever he goes into battle. It looks like a robotic Goliath, which is fitting since it simulates all the abilities of a gargoyle. With it he can fly, shoot lasers, and resist damage from most forms of attack. It also gives him increased strength. With these abilities he is a match for most threats that face him.

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