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David Raymond, in his brother John's words, is the better son of the Raymond family. Whereas John would spent his time partying and drinking booze, he would spend his time helping the poor and homeless. After John barely passed his classes and David aced his classes, their father gave them each a $1 Million graduation gift. John used it to spend time in Europe, David donated it to charitable causes. Even with people, David seemed to help out as well, a recent example with John dumping April Martinez, in order for David to take her into his arms. It's that charitable streak that took him to his untimely demise at the hands of Deuces Wilde, after finding out that he was blackmailing her into laundering his dirty money. He told her to stop bothering her, but Wilde wouldn't budge so easily. So he had Doctor Archer kidnap him for ransom.
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Doctor Archer then contacted John in order to pay him the ransom, but John instead suited up as The Web in the hopes of saving him. He soon was distracted by Deadly Force, who gave him a fight, but was quickly disposed of. Doctor Archer then released a nerve gas that slowly was draining him of his life. Archer explained to Web that David was in this predicament, not only because he was threatening Deuces Wilde, but that he also had a huge gambling debt. With the truth being told to Web, he rushed in to save David. David's final words to Web, was to not let his family know what happened, because they hated weakness in their own family, especially John. Soon after, David died in John's arms, putting his family in agony, and redefining John's quest of being and understanding what a superhero really is.

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