All DC Comics Films On Hold?

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This seems like crazy news.  IESB has interviewed writer/director David Goyer.  Here's the crazy part:
When asked about several projects he's been involved with - i.e. Supermax, The Flash - Goyer said in a recent interview with IESB, "A lot of the DC movies at Warner Brothers are all on hold while the figure out, they're going to come up with some new plan, methodology, things like that so everything has just been pressed pause on at the moment. It was the double header of both Iron Man and The Dark Knight coming out, so more than ever I think they've realized, I think DC was responsible for 15% of Warner Brother's revunue this year, something crazy like that, so they realized that comic books, it's become a new genre, one of the most successful genres."
This picture doesn't really have anything to do with the story but it has Goyer with Jessica Biel so enjoy.
This picture doesn't really have anything to do with the story but it has Goyer with Jessica Biel so enjoy.
What I don't understand is if Dark Knight made them tons of money and they get that comic book movies are a hit, why would they put them on hold?  I reported back in August that Warner Bros. was looking for quality over quantity and was easing back on the number of movies they released each year.  Movies cost a lot to make and they can be a gamble.  But if Dark Knight did make a majority of their profits for the year, you'd think they'd want to capitalize on that rather than put a halt to any possible future franchises.  Someone explain this to me.
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Doesn't make sense to me either. But, like Jessica Biel. Stares

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I'm thinking that they want to plan something out similar to Marvel's Avengers series. They probably want to build a sort of continuity in their films.

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This is all I can think given the way they did the last superman movie I think they determined there style for writing and producing films was flawed and not on the scale of the marvel movies so they had to re do things to match the success of the marvel films

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the actual article show 15% not 50% revenues.

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This doesn't make sense to

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CaptHowdy said:
"the actual article show 15% not 50% revenues."
Ha.  They must have edited it after I copied it.  Guess I'll change it here too.  That makes more sense.  I know it was huge but didn't think it was that huge.
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Could be all the scripts they had in the chute were crap so they're going back to the drawing board, lining up the right directors? I liked the concept behind the Supermax movie, hope that one gets made.

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It does seem backwards... but hopefully it really is to make quality and not quantity.  I'd rather wait the extra year or two to see a decent Flash film, then have a DC equivalent of the Fantastic Four movies.

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hooray!... they finally came to their sense... why does marvel launch good movies... simple... they do not change the history or the theme of the characters... just a little... what people know about the characters is what marvel shows to their films... no more artistic crap like that...

i think that Warner should find writers like christopher nolan... who did a good job in the batman franchise... yeah, he changed some stuff but it was still in the myth of batman... but the only thing he did wrong was killing of two-face.. if they would make a Flash film... i can die happy.. hehehe... they should use ryan reynolds... i could think of any other flash than him... and it should be wally... 

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I cxerox-kitty said:

"It does seem backwards... but hopefully it really is to make quality and not quantity.  I'd rather wait the extra year or two to see a decent Flash film, then have a DC equivalent of the Fantastic Four movies."
Amen to that.

I can live a year or two without many films in the superhero genre if we can get more films on par with The Dark Knight.
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I agree, G-Man.  The superheroes are rather guaranteed money makers, so why wait?  If it's because they want to get things organized a bit better, than do it, but don't make the fans wait for too terribly long. 

People have been and still are talking about the Marvel movies instead of the one release of The Dark Knight.  TDK was great, but OVERALL, my conversations with friends and family have been centered around Marvel's movies, not Warner Bros. 

I just wish WB would get things going right.  I know they dropped Justice League for now,  and I hope they concentrate on putting out the team members' movies first.  Although those of us on this site know these characters well, still, the general public still isn't completely familiar with the DC individual characters and their histories. 

GL, Flash, Wonder Woman---I don't think it will be difficult to get these movies produced in terms of budgets and FX.  The FX have caught up with the demands of the characters so, to quote the Army:    "Let's Make It Happen!"

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I come from a family of film makers and I can tell you the one thing i have learnt over the years..

Producers and produtction companies generally have no fuc*ing idea what is really going on!

They are probally spanning out their Comic movies to further the interest and continue to make money on the merchandise, DVD sales etc. I am aware that Iron Man was a rather large gamble for them as was Watchmen, look at what occured with Watchmen. They are probally trying to hedge their bets and work out the next best move, hopefully though they wont make the wrong move... WB are one of the few that usually do fairly well.. but... this is Hollywood..

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It probably (hopefully) is about doing their new movie strategy like they announced awhile ago, hopefully that means big and well done plans for Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern

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Wow... that sucks
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There is the idea of oversaturating the market with movies coming out every couple of months. This would lead to less hype built up for each movie. If they spread out the movies thin and build the proper hype they will make more money per movie. If they release them at a faster rate the dollars in per movie will most likely go down. So they will be spending the same amount and taking in more money. Now if they put them ALL on hold that doesn't make much sense. The article said "alot of the movies are all on hold." That doesn't really make sense but hopefully he meant Alot of the movies are on we can make a sh!t load of money.

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If they are actually concerned about putting out the highest quality movies I think we will all be pleased in the end.  Even if further comic movies are a couple of years into the future.  Wouldn't we prefer that to seeing more Bat-nipple suits?  I would love to see all comic movies be as good as Dark Knight was.  As Shatterstar said, they probably just took a good, hard look at what they had in the queue and decided that none of it was worth putting out.

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i think they should do their movies like batman begins and the dark knight... batman begins tells the origin of the character and fights a villain... in the dark knight it showed the progress of the story and character and also put on a major villain...

if they could make a flash movie like that... in the first flash movie they could tell the death of barry... and how wally became kid flash and tooking the mantle of the flash the villain they should use is captain cold or weather wizard... in the second movie they should use a villain that is more darker like professor zoom or zoom... if they could make it that way... i would be very happy...

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In my opinion... I think the hold was called because ic comic based movies are a big hit and make a lot of money.... Don't use them up and kill them off quick. The economy went to crap; prices (especially to movies) continue to rise, don't fire the big guns yet. Draw it out for as long as they can. It sux for us as a viewer of course. But what better way to keep us coming to the movies, than to keep us on our toes. Me personally... I hope I'm still alive the day they put Image comics in theatre, because I am a dedicated PITT fan. Sure it may be like any other Incredible Hulk or... The Maxx (if anyone remembers that guy, battled the little seven up red dot looking things...) but I want to see. 
All I'm saying is if they make all the comics into movies now... what will they use as the next MAJOR, box office category, where nearly every title IN the category can be a major motion picture?
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the idea is continuity....DC has finally realized that marvel, through their vignettes have started weaving the marvel universe together through the avengers. While DC has several big movies out there, there is no such continuity. batman/superman has treatments in as does wonder woman, and the flash....the idea how to inexpensively (such as marvel has done) to tie them together, hopefully culminating with the JLA
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@G-Man said:

, "A lot of the DC movies at Warner Brothers are all on hold while the figure out,

aside from the pointed out, this sounds shaky to me. not anything more than an uncertainty.
and from one person, not the WB themselves, granted things change in a day.
Batman being on hold already happened for another reason. the sequel was originally intended
to feature the Joker, whom the actor died, and has caused alot of upset and trauma within the cast
and the community.
otherwise what was really greenlit? Superman...and Green Lantern. neither mentioned directly in the statement
"alot of" I doubt theyll push back GL anymore, considering it already had one due to the problems with filming
in Australia, and its merch is already planned, dated, and set. 
any other projects where on the drawing board stage. what they needed to do anyways is actually get these dam
films out there finally, instead of kicking the Batman and Superman franchises to death. worry about actually
even have them in full production before remolding something thats not there. then again, they may need to fix
some things to get what they didnt even accomplish in the first place finally seeing light.
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Im just Happy their thinking about Quality............because it means that we are going to see some badass movies.....with the DC characters we know and Love......... I would Especialy LOVE to see  A realy good Movie With Poison Ivy....... she's so cool. She makes me want to be a gardner not realy but you get the point.

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