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David Rubenstein is the only child of Ida Rubenstein, and is currently married to Jenny Rubenstein, and they have a son, Derek.


David Rubenstein was created by the writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, and the artist Stephane Roux.

Major Story Arcs

After David's mother, Ida, has told Dr. Harleen Quinzel that her family has stopped visiting her, Harley decided to pay them a visit. David was in the basement when Harley tore through the wall on a bulldozer, but thought it was just his wife and her friends. When Harley entered the basement, she saw David's model trains, and proceeded to destroy them and beat David with them. Harley then stuffed David and his family into her trunk.

After some time, Harley took them to the pier and explained the situation. She then knocked Derek off of the pier before doing the same to Jenny. David then explained that they did visit his mother, and that she had Alzheimer's, so she could not remember them visiting. She untied David and he dived off the pier to stop his family from drowning. It turned out that it was low tide, and none of them landed in the sea.

After the whole ordeal, they continued to visit Ida, leaving her flowers.


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