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    The creator of the Genoshan mutate process and a true patriot to his country.

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    Nothing is known of the childhood life of the man who would one day be known as Dr. David Moreau. What is known is that he longed for the nation of Genosha to be strengthened to the point that they were a world class power. To this end he became a scientist hell bent on achieving a means to an end.

    Luckily for him, time displaced Sugar Man from the Age of Apocalypse timeline had just what he needed. Sugar Man not only had survived the journey to Earth-616 but also carried with him the knowledge and insight of years of technology created and used by his dimension's Mister Sinister.

    By giving Moreau access to this technology he was able to elevate his status among the scientist of Genosha, he was able to create the foundations for the revolution he had always longed for; the mutate-process. With this new power Genosha was instantly transformed; once a child reached the age of 13 all underwent a test to determine if they had even the slightest hint of the X-factor gene. If they were lucky they would test negative and return to their normal lives if they were positive however their old life would end and a new one born of blood sweat and tears.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Geneengineer and his ideals

    All who had the X-factor gene were turned into mutates. This meant their memories were erased thus destroying who they were or would have been and their personalities molded until they were completely obedient to their new human masters.

    Once this was done the new mutates would be sealed in special suits which set them apart from the normal baseline Genoshans and their powers were genetically tampered with to give a variety of effects; they were changed, altered or enhanced all in the service of their country. All of Moreau’s new accomplishments brought with it prestige and power and he became known as the Genegineer.

    Dr. Moreau was fanatically loyal to his own cause and was more than willing to turn his son; Philip Moreau’s girlfriend, Jennifer Ransome , into a mutate when they realized that she possessed the mutant gene. While his action were supported by most of genosha due to the impact it had in advancing their county’s economy his own son Philip Moreau fled the country with Jennifer to escape his maniac father and to keep his woman safe. From abroad his son would oppose Genosha's policies much to the chagrin of his father.

    Betrayal most foul

    Not one to brook betrayal lightly he sent the Genoshan enforcers known as the Magistrates and the privileged/private mutant task force known as the Press Gang to deal with this “loose end”.

    They were in fact able to capture his son’s girlfriend Jennifer and her friend Madelyne Pryor, not knowing the red heads affiliation and past. Moreau wasted no time in converting Jennifer into a mutate, and also altering her latent mutant power of cellular manipulation. Curiously while checking in on the beautiful Madelyne, her genes were strangely not quite human, but not quite mutant either. Moreau left her in the care of his chief scientists where they accidentally activated Madelyne's latent powers. The burst of power from Madelyne killed all the Magistrates around her and even mentally attacked what appeared to be a representation of David Moreau himself.

    Shortly after this however both Madelyne and Jennifer were rescued by the X-Men and his traitorous son Phillip and they escaped from Genosha. This was the first of what was to be many conflicts between the X-Men and the Genoshan government. This was worsened that with Genosha’s increased political and physical power they felt that they had jurisdiction globally and not just within their nations borders.

    The End

    In their conflicts with the X-Men, the Genoshans allied themselves with Cameron Hodge and his organisation, The Right. It turned out The Right was another mutant hating group, but their leader Hodge was both insane and obsessed with Archangel the X-Men’s Warren Worthington. In their joint venture Hodge kidnapped Storm of the X-men and many of the New Mutants. His paln was to have Moreau with his knowledge of genetics and mutant genes help him assimilate in a safe and controlled manner absorb the techno-organic virus from alien Warlock who traveled with the New Mutants.

    It was all in the hope to change his now inhumane cybernetic form into one he could shape and control. While working together Moreau began to despise Hodge, who wanted nothing more than the controlled mutate of Genosha to help him conquer the world and wipe out all mutant life. In contrast Moreau was only was interested in the safety and wellbeing of his nation; Genosha. When Hodge went out of control it was Dr. Moreau who changed sides and assisted the X-Men in defeating him. Unfortunately in this brief moment of clarity and recognizing what was truly evil he was killed as Hodge broke his neck. He was succeeded by Dr. Sasha Ryan.


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