David Lloyd

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    British artist. Best known for his work on V for Vendetta with Alan Moore.

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    David Lloyd has been working in comics since the late 1970s, when he was drawing for some of the Marvel UK titles. He created the pulp character, NIGHT RAVEN, with writer/artist, Steve Parkhouse, who went on the illustrate Alan Moore’s, arguably, most hilarious creation, THE BOJEFFRIES SAGA. During this period under the Marvel UK umbrella, David and Alan collaborated on several DOCTOR WHO stories.

    When WARRIOR magazine was set up in 1982, Lloyd was asked to create a new pulp character. He got together with Alan again and the duo came up with the anarchist terrorist V in V FOR VENDETTA. It was Lloyd who devised V's Guy Fawkes appearance and suggested that avoid using the standard comic book techniques of thought balloons, captions, and sound effects. From that point on, never used a sound effect in his comics again.

    After WARRIOR went out of business in 1984, the series was reprinted in color and continued by DC Comics. It was collected as a graphic novel in 1995 and adapted as a film in 2006.

    Lloyd also penciled James D. Hudnall’s ESPERS for Eclipse and Grant Morrison's and Jamie Delano’s contributions to DC’s HELLBLAZER series. He worked, as well, on the wildly popular Wildstorm series, GLOBAL FREQUENCY, written by Warren Ellis

    David is also a writer. He wrote and illustrated a graphic novel, KICKBACK, which first came out in France, published by Editions Carabas, and then became available in the US and UK through Dark Horse.


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