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    David Lapham is a comic book writer and penciller best known for his creator owned work Stray Bullets.

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    David Lapham's first break out success was at Valiant comics where he started off penciling Harbinger, later would he would become writer and artist. From there he tried to make it big as an independent creator and started his publishing company El Capitan Books. With El Capitan Books he would start is acclaimed Stray Bullets, with it only to be left in limbo at issue #40. Other books from El Capitan Books are the Amy Racecar series and Murder Me Dead. All three series are out of print because the publishing company seems to have been abandoned by David Lapham.

    With El Capitan Books left in limbo, David Lapham began working in mainstream comics again. Most notably his creator-owned Young Liars at Vertigo, his run on Detective Comics (Batman) and The 8 issue series Tales of the Unexpected: The Spectre, which currently is his longest works in the mainstream.

    Avatar Press has announced that Lapham will write the sequel to Garth Ennis' hit zombie book Crossed with Crossed: Family Values. He wrote Avatar Press' Crossed: Psychopath, a six issue run. At Wildstorm he did Sparta: USA and Marvel he is one of the Deadpool writers.

    Lapham is current writing Age of Apocalypse for Marvel, Crossed: Badlands, Dan the Unharmable and Ferals for Avatar Press.


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