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    Sidekick of Magno the Magnetic Man.

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    The sidekick of Magno.

    Young Davey was a huge fan of the Magnetic Man (Magno). His older sister Carol, a private investigator, therefore made him a Magno lookalike costume as a gift. Although still a young boy, his sister allowed her younger brother to help her with cases.

    On one of these case they came across Magno, and Davey could not be more excited. When his sister got kidnapped, Davey put on his Magno suit and tried to help Magno, cause he wasn't going to do nothing while she was in danger. Magno was reluctant at first to let him join, but eventually gave Davey a part of his magnetism powers for an hour. The hero and the sidekick saved Carole and brought the kidnapper to justice.

    Magno had to "magnetize" Davey every time they had to fight crime, but after a while, Davey had the magnetic powers himself


    Davey is now a public domain character


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