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    Person » Dave Johnson is credited in 1381 issues.

    Dave "The Reverend" Johnson is a comic book artist best known for his covers of various titles.

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    Just something that I found on Dave Johnson's devianArt that I thought was funny.

    Sticky fingers.

    I get being a new artist is hard. We've all been there. And its real tempting to take from a more established artists than yourself in order to elevate your own art. Really, I get it. But when you get caught, confess. It'll go easier on you. Acting righteous and claiming that you were really ripping off "other" work that is not your own, and even claiming that you've never seen the original art is not the best way to handle the situation. All this can be seen here...[link]
    This poor Italian artist just woke up to a shit storm of epic proportions. Do I feel bad for him? Nah, he'll get over it. Hopefully, he'll learn a powerful lesson. And that is; if you're gonna be inspired, give credit where credit is due. And if you don't, and then get caught, be contrite. It'll lesson the pain.
    And you might ask yourself, "hey Dave, why do you give a shit about this?" Well, in some ways I don't. It doesn't hurt me or my career in the slightest. I'm just putting it out there. To let you be the judge.
    Here is just some of the offenses.

    and this...


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