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Dave appears in the Kitchen Sink/Fantagraphics title, Black Hole.


Dave was created by Charles Burns.

Character Evolution

Dave commits suicide
Dave commits suicide

Dave lives in the woods, and is the man responsible for Chris Rhodes' murder. the two go to high school together, and as Dave is somewhat of an outcast, Chris is one of the few people who is nice to him. He seeks revenge after confessing his love to her, and being rejected. After killing Chris, as well as the group of friends she is with, Dave commits armed robbery out of desperation. But he does not steal money - he holds up a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, and steals only food. He then retreats to the woods, where he gives the food to his friend. He then wanders away to a quiet spot in the forest, and shoots himself in the head.

Major Story Arcs

Dave does not appear in any major story arcs.

Powers and Abilities

Dave has no special powers or abilities.

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