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Dava grew up in war torn war-torn Transbelvia her parents and most of her friends were killed at while she was still a young child. With this she grew into a bitter determined young woman. When old enough she started to train in the martial arts and showed great promise.

Meeting the boy wonder

Dav and Tim
Dav and Tim

Dava met Robin in Paris while he was there to gain further training. As she was also there for training the two found a kindred spirit in each other. But they differed in many ways; her goal was to learn all of the single blow martial arts moves. She reasoned that because she was small in stature that a single/one-strike move set would best suite her so she could still be very efficient in battle.

The great divide

As a citizen of war-torn Transbelvia, she had only one goal to free her people from the oppression of the countries murderous military. Robin warned her when Lady shiva had killed her two masters in search of her but she was not concerned, she also revealed to robin that they were very different as she was more than willing to kill to achieve her goals.

Once back in her country she also uses the drug "Aramilla" to provide her with superhuman speed with it she cuts through the oppressive military until lady shiva arrives for her head. Together with Robin both using armilla they almost killed Lady Shiva Woosan. Robin eventually revived her and rescued

The end of Dav and Tim's friendship
The end of Dav and Tim's friendship

Dava, with the general of the oppression dead she and robin parted on bad terms as he did not agree with her methods and she thought he could never understand her.

She was not referenced or seen since, its unknown if Shiva eventually killed her.

Physical attributes

Height: 5'5

weight: 120 pounds

eye color: blue

Hair Color: red


Dava's design is made to be somewhat of a mirror to Tim Drake's early appearance as Robin. Her costume is made up of a trenchcoat instead of a cape (thought he black trenchcoat has a yellow interior similar to robins yellow inside his cape), and war paint on her face instead of a mask.

Aside from their different genders, the most obvious difference in their designs is their hair, with Robin's being black, and Dava's hair being red.

Skills and Abilities

Dava is a very skilled martial artist who has trained with both the legless and armless masters and was one of their most promising student. Her skill lead her to be tracked down by lady Shiva.

She also has access to a drug called Aramilla which temporarily gives one superhuman speed.

it is described as an oil-based drug from the rare "Aramilla" plant.


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