Character » Dataman appears in 12 issues.

    Dataman was a member of the Vicious Cycle, and one of their top scientists. He betrayed Octopus and Openface to allow the third Overlord to take power, only to be killed by the new Overlord to protect his identity.

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    Dataman first appeared aiding the first Overlord when it appeared Frank Darling had returned from the dead. Dataman was able to prove that Darling's remains were not human, deducing that his death had been faked by Lurch taking his place.

    When Cyberface was facing instability in his body after his resurrection, Dataman was unable to find any method to increase Cyberface's longevity.

    Dataman was one of many villains sent by Horde to kill Dragon, only to be shrunken in retaliation by a Martian shrinking weapon wielded by Dragon. It wasn't until years later that Dataman worked with Octopus and Open Face to return the shrunken villains to normal.

    When Octopus and Open Face obtained the Overlord armor, Dataman was recruited to assist them. He betrayed the other two scientists and allowed an unidentified person to take the armor. The new Overlord killed Dataman in order to keep his identity secret.


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