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Dashiell Bad Horse was created by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guéra.

The Return

Dashiell Bad Horse is a member of the Ogala tribe who has returned to the Prairie Rose Reservation after fifteen years of absence. He was sent from the reservation by his mother when he was thirteen, and after that served in the army in Kosovo in 1999. While in the army, “Dash” became highly trained in hand to hand combat and is a master of the nun-chuks. When he returned to the Prarie Rose he would often pick fights with whoever crossed his path. Bad Horse upon his return got the attention of the newly appointed Chief Red Crow by taking on a whole bar himself and not being killed. Chief Lincoln Red Crow, head of the Ogala tribe took note of Dashiell’s penchant for violence and hired him for the tribal police, of which he is the chief as well. Bad Horse's primary duties are the taking out of meth labs.

A Split in The Tribe

Bad Horse soon found out why Red Crow needed to have the tribal police in his pocket, it seems some of the tribe were upset that Red Crow was opening a casino on tribal land. The members of the tribe opposed to the casino protested the building of it saying that is was against the old ways and would destroy their culture. Unknown to Red Crow, is that Bad Horse is an undercover FBI agent, whose immediate superior meaning to bring Red Crow to justice for the murder of two FBI agents, thirty years ago, back when Red Crow and a few others, including Gina Bad Horse, Dashiell's estranged mother, were militant Indian-Rights activists. While under cover on the “rez” Dashiell develops a strange obsession with Red Crow's estranged daughter, Carol, who rebels against her father and the boredom on the rez by sleeping with as many men as she can.


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