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    The wide receiver for the New York Smashers, Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin is also a full-time member of Kickers, Inc., a paranormal investigation firm founded to help people with nowhere else to turn to in regard to their bizarre problems - which he does with style

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    Like his fellow Kickers, Dallas is a college graduate, though the exact nature of his high level education has yet to be revealed. Unlike Brick Wall and Doll, who use their business and finance acumen on a daily basis for the team, Dallas only seems to bring his high fashion sense to bear on adventures. Most likely, keeping his attitude in mind, he probably didn't go to college for a degree.

    You see, Dallas seems to live for the glory he gains on the football field, and the adulation of his many fans. As such, he likely used his time in college for the express purpose of getting into the NFL. At any rate, he succeeded in getting a place on the New York Smashers due to his excellent performance on his college football team, and as such met up with Jack 'Mr. Magnificent' Magniconte.

    Becoming good friends with the man, alongside Thomas 'Suicide' Smythe and Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl, Dallas hooked up with those three Smashers when they, alongside Jack's wife Darlene, formed Kickers, Inc., a paranormal investigation firm that would look into weird problems that people can't solve for themselves. Of course, Kickers, Inc. was also a vehicle for Jack to use his powers responsibly.

    You see, after the White Event, Jack became super-humanly strong and as such, needed something to do with his time besides football - the game wasn't challenging after he began to outclass everybody in the league. Shortly after Kickers started looking into weird issues, Dallas did make one significant contribution to the team - he designed the group's signature blue and white look.

    While the group resisted the idea of a uniform at first, they all eventually came around to it, even Suicide. At any rate, the group functioned well as a team for about a year and a half, after which time Jack had to join the Army to avoid a clandestine attempt by the C.I.A. to recruit him into their ranks. Though deprived of their primary paranormal muscle, the remaining Kickers went on without him.

    Not a quitter by any means, and enjoying the tax breaks that Kickers, Inc. provides him, Dallas likely remained a member of the group after Jack left, and presumably remains a member of the group to this very day. Of course, knowing the man, he's likely done some work on the group's public image, in that the team's look is, like, so eighties. Of course, he wouldn't think that until more recent times...


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