Daryl Wessel

    Character » Daryl Wessel appears in 12 issues.

    FBI Agent whose persona was originally used by Martian Manhunter who later seemingly appears as his own man after J'onn's death.

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    Daryl is an FBI agent who was created by the Martian Manhunter to hold a part of his personality. He was investigating the death of parapalegic Leo Chandler's mother and he realizes there's something off about him when mentions the Epiphany followed by an explotion. Daryl has to keep an eye on him for a while and Leo asks him to go down to the mogue to burn the corpses of Leo's martian mother. The Martian Manhunter comes to him in a vision and tells him that the man who is there to pick up Leo is a martian and he better run. He takes Leo with him in an ambulance. He is attacked by the Martian Maneater, but Alicia and Mr. Biscuits, another soul part of J'onn J'onzz, comes to his rescue. They realize that they need to resurrect the Martian Manhunter, and they are a bit mislead by Leo. They get to the airport where he denies Alicia to come along with them. They get on the plane and Leo commands the pilots to fly into the beam of Phobos, where Mars and all of it's lost souls, including the Martian Manhunter, will be brought to life. It is there on the plane that they find out that Leo is really Ma'alefa'ak. They disappear in the portal.

    Daryl ends up on Mars with J'onn and all of his alternate personalities.


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