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    A human male Sith apprentice belonging to the One Sith, upon killing his master he took up the title of Sith Lord and became Darth Wredd.

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    A young Wredd and his wife.
    A young Wredd and his wife.

    Darth Wredd began his life on the planet Mala as a simple farmer/hunter. Living in a small village, Wredd subconsciously awakened his Force powers and used them to aid him in hunting, never missing a shot and always making the most important shot. After realizing he had Force talents, Wredd decided he wanted to become a Jedi, but at the time the Jedi had been pushed underground by Darth Krayt's attack on the Jedi Temple on Ossus. Not wanting to give up on his dream, Wredd had his chance to be a "Jedi" when a group of barbarians called the Shor-Goya attacked his village. Crafting his own sword in place of a lightsaber, Wredd engaged the warriors, defending his village and earning the title Guardian of his people. Not soon after, the One Sith invaded his planet and, letting his confidence go to his head, attempted to fight off the Sith as he had the Shor-Goya. Wredd was easily defeated, however, and taken on as a Sith apprentice after his Force-sensitivity was revealed.

    Character Evolution

    Wredd began his life as a noble, peace loving an, wanting to grow up to be a Jedi after learning of his latent Force powers. He would lay his life on the line for his people when barbarians attack his village, thinking it the Jedi thing to do. When the Sith invaded, he was quickly defeated and taken in to become a Sith apprentice. He was then forced to watch from orbit as the Sith laid waste to his planet, turning the lush surface into a wasteland, devoid of life.

    His Master would make him wear a mask that gave him constant pain throughout the entirety of his apprenticeship, making his hate for the Sith grow further. After killing his master, he would set in motion a series of events that alerted the Galactic Trimvirate to his presence, leading them to Dac and finally Mala. At both planets, the Triumvirate forces defeated One Sith forces, allowing the Triumvirate to defeat the One Sith once and for all. His hate for the Sith ran so deep that he even pleaded for his own death after the last battle.

    Story Arcs


    Darth Wredd’s apprenticeship took place on Mala, a planet within the Surd Nebula, and was brutal under his Master. Upon the arrival of Imperial Knight Yalta Val, Wredd and his master ambushed and killed his crew. When Val was almost defeated, Wredd took the opportunity to slay his Master and become a Dark Lord in his own right, imprisoning Val and assuming his identity.

    Undercover Imperial Knight

    Wredd traveled to a communications array and began his manipulation of the governor, informing them of an ambush and a hidden Sith presence within the system and taking it upon himself to end the threat, without the sanction of the Galactic Triumvirate. Traveling to Carreras Major with the aid of governor Biala’s forces, Wredd aimed to retrieve the Lightsaber of Yalta Val, which was now in the hands of the feisty Ania Solo, who refused to relinquish it and sent an attack droid to deal with him. Wredd used the force to capture the Lightsaber and made quick work of the droid before departing.

    Wredd killing his Master.
    Wredd killing his Master.

    Returning to the governor's palace, Darth Wredd ordered lockdown of all travel in and out of the Carreras System until the completion of the array. Taking a ship to the array, Wredd captures another ship coming into the system, one holding Ania Solo and Imperial Knight Jao Assam. After both them and their friends are imprisoned, Wredd has a conversation with Jao, telling him his real identity and trying to convince him to become his apprentice. Unfortunately, Governor Biala hears this conversation and releases Jao, telling him to "get rid of Wredd. As he's making his escape, Wredd's ship is shot by the now escaped Ania Solo and her friends, forcing him to retreat back into the hangar and engage them.

    After disarming and disabling all of her companions and herself, Wredd duels Jao for a short time. At the end of the duel, the Imperial Knight injuries half of Wredd's face before Wredd telekinetically launches spike's into Jao's abdomen, ending the duel and allowing him to escape.

    Sith Lord

    After escaping, Wredd heads back to his homeplanet Mala, now void of all life after the Sith attack. Meeting back up with Imperial Knight Master Val, Wredd dons a mask over half of his face and black armor, not needing to be undercover anymore.

    Wredd remote controls the communications array to crash into the planet, but before it does, he reveals himself to the nearby systems via the array, announcing himself as Darth Wredd and preparing to murder Master Val to showcase his power. During his announcement, he is interrupted by the presence of Ania Solo, who had snuck onto the planet to stop Wredd.

    As he restrains Solo, Val notices the lightsaber she's brought with her, and uses it to free himself, sparking a duel between the two. Having his lightsaber cut in half and disarmed, Wredd jumps onto a starship and escapes the planet before Val can finish him and before the array can crash into the planet.

    On the Hunt

    Darth Wredd then traveled to the planet Cadomai Prime where he knew there was a Sith infiltrator that had gained a Senator position in the local government. Engaging the Sith in his apartment, Wredd manages to kill him, letting it known that he's going around and rooting out hidden Sith and killing them.

    Knowing Jao Assam was intent on stopping him, Wredd laid out a trail that led Jao to the poisoned planet Dac, where there was a large Sith force using slaves and pirates to build starships there. Jao, with the help of other Imperial Knights who came to back him up, defeated Darth Luft and his Sith forces there. This was all part of Wredd's plan, however, as he contacted Jao afterwards, congratulating him on doing Wredd's dirty work for him.

    Final Showdown

    Wredd would then visit Coruscant to free Jao Assam after the Imperial Knight had been locked away for desertion. With Jao in tow, Wredd makes his way back to Mala, where he leaks information to the Sith that he's on the planet. Soon after Triumvirate forces arrive to try and rescue Jao and stop Wredd, but are confronted by the whole force of One Sith's forces that had been hiding since Darth Krayt's death.

    Convinced the Triumvirate forces were protecting Wredd, the Sith attack the striketeam, overwhelming the striketeam at first. Luckily, one of their members had already called for backup, and soon an enormous battle had started between Imperial Knights and stormtroopers against the rest of the Sith. Wredd joined the battle, but was fighting and killing Sith instead of stormtroopers.

    As the battle drew to a close and the Sith forces had been decimated, Wredd chose to stab Empress Marasiah Fel, prompting outrage from the Imperial Knights and Jao, chased down Wredd to the top of a cliff face and, after a short duel, cut off both of the Sith's hands. Wredd then tries to convince the Imperial Knight to kill him and end the Sith forever. He gets his wish when Ania Solo shoots him, ending his life.

    Force Abilities

    Wredd confronting the Snivvian Sith on Cadomai Prime.
    Wredd confronting the Snivvian Sith on Cadomai Prime.

    Darth Wredd was a powerful Force user and used his abilities without remorse in battle. Before any training in the Force, Wredd would subconsciously use his abilities to help aim his arrows when out hunting, never missing a shot. Before long, he could even levitate a large creatures skull, still without any formal training. After his training as a Sith, he was very fond of using Telekinesis to push or pull enemies, bringing them in closer to slash at them with his lightsaber or KO-ing them by pushing them against hard surfaces. He was proficient in sensing others in the Force, as he could sense Ania Solo spying on him from above, and he was also able to mask his presence to prevent another Sith from sensing him until he chose to attack. His strength in the Force was so strong that, although he had help from novice Imperial Knight Jao Assam, he was able to crash a large satellite array on opposing Sith forces.

    Lightsaber Skill

    Even before his training with the Sith, Wredd was a skilled fighter, joining hunting teams sent into the forests' of his home world armed with primitive weapons and blasters. He was able to craft his own sword and use it to defend his village from a wave of attacking barbarians, earning the moniker "Guardian" and being praised by his people. After he was found to be Force sensitive, he trained on his now lifeless planet with an unknown Master, honing his skills over years of invigorating training.

    As a Sith, he was able to fight and hold off Imperial Knights, the equivalent of Jedi in skill, although he was bested in a short encounter when he faced a Master. In the final confrontation of One Sith forces and Galactic Triumvirate stormtroopers and Imperial Knights, Wredd would survive the encounter after slaying many Sith with his own blade, and even utilized the Jar'Kai style of duel blades during the fight.


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