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It is implied in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith and in the Expanded Universe the the possibilities that Anakin was born of the sith after some tampering. Darth Plagueis' power over midichlorians and his manipulation ability could have made Anakin Skywalker. AND kept the prophecy. 
Perhaps Plagueis before being killed by Sidious, manipulated the Midichlorians to create a baby born of the Force; knowing full well that His apprentice would kill him, and possibly knowing Sidious would go on to become the most powerful Sith in history. So it was his last act of betrayal. 
Has George Lucas stated ANYTHING at all about the idea of Anakin not being born of the force but of Plegueis' manipulation of the midichloreans? 
Someone PLEASE shed some light on this. Whats the Truth..?

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the truth is Lucas likes money.

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..........Is the answer: I DO..............? Or is this another Big Question................?

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