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    Darth Talon is one of Darth Krayt's Hands along with a Darth Nihl. The Lethan, Twilek, earned the Sith, tattoos, covering her body during ritual combat.

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    Raised on the Sith planet Korriban, Darth Talon's only objective was to become one of Darth Krayt's two Hands. When she was brought before the Sith Lord he ordered her to kill Darth Ruyn, her instructor, she did so without question.

    Hunting Down the Princess

    Darth Talon
    Darth Talon

    She was then instructed by Darth Krayt to find and kill Emperor Roan Fel. In order to go after him, she went after his daughter, Princess Marasiah Fel. She planned on the Princess fleeing to her father, or Roan Fel coming and assisting his daughter. Then, at that time, Darth Talon would kill them both.

    Talon traveled to the planet Socorro to where Princess Marasiah was hiding within the Imperial Mission there, Talon encountered and battled Imperial Knights, including Elke Vetter, Marasiah's guardian and mentor. After Talon incapacitated Vetter by cutting off her arm and leg, she interrogated her through the Force to find that Marasiah escaped with Astraal Vao, one of the local missionaries. Then, Darth Talon killed Vetter and pursued the two in the shadows through a maze of burning buildings.

    However, Marasiah and Astraal were able to outrun her and make it to Cade Skywalker's starship, the Mynock. The two were able to jump aboard before Darth Talon could make it on, and flew to the planet, Vendaxa. However, Talon was able to sense where they were planning on heading. Darth Talon continue to pursue the Princess, all the way to Vendaxa, where the Jedi Master Wolf Sazen and Jedi Knight Shado Vao rendezvoused with them. There, Talon set explosives aboard the Jedi's transport while the Jedi were away and summoned a herd of the planet's native beasts with the Dark side of the Force to direct them into attacking Princess Marasiah and her party.

    As the fleeing Princess and her escort, as well as the smugglers under Cade Skywalker defended themselves with blasters from the beasts, Talon engaged the two Jedi, skillfully dueling with them. Talon Force pushed Shado Vao way and focused her attention to Master Sazen stating that Darth Nihl had marked him for death, and that she would finish the job. She struck him with Force lightning, nearly killing him until Princess Marasiah drew her own lightsaber and deflected the lightning. As Talon was fighting the princess, she fail to notice Cade Skywalker using the Force to hurl a hunk of wreckage at her. The wreckage sent Talon soaring through the jungle. Wounded, Talon called Darth Nihl for assistance.

    As soon as Talon saw a Predator-class fighters arrived, Darth Talon saw an opportunity to kill both Marasiah and Roan Fel as she thought that Roan Fel was aboard one of the fighters to rescue his daughter. However, the men that had arrived in the fighters were actually Imperial Knights coming to rescue the Princess. Although disappointed, Talon also had backup of her own as Darth Nihl arrived with Sith lords. During the battle, Talon engaged Shado Vao again.

    As the battle raged on, Marasiah was fatally wounded after saving Cade Skywalker. As the crew of Mynock, the Jedi, and the Imperials boarded Cade's ship to escape, Talon attempted to board the ship as well, but was Force-pushed off by Imperial Knight Antares Draco. After the battle, Talon returned to her master, expecting to die because she failed her mission. After informing him what happened, and that she fought against a Skywalker on Vendaxa, she awaited her fate, Darth Krayt however, spared Talon and told her to bring Skywalker to him alive.

    Taking in Skywalker as an Apprentice

    While on the Sith Temple on Coruscant, Darth Talon sensed that Cade Skywalker was in the temple. Cade infiltrated the Temple from below to rescue the Bothan Jedi healer Hosk Trey'lis. Talon was hiding beside a long pool inhabited by a Dianoga. There, she ambushed Cade and Hosk. She engaged Cade in a lightsaber battle. As Talon fought Cade, she told him that she wanted him alive for her master. Angry by this, Cade tapped into the dark side and begin to Force choke her. Unknown to both Cade and Talon, Darth Nihl was watching. He begin to Force choke Cade until he fell unconscious. As Darth Nihl began to deliver the final blow, Talon stopped him, telling him that Darth Krayt wanted him alive. Darth Nihl left to tell Darth Krayt that Cade Skywalker was captured.

    Talon vs Cade.
    Talon vs Cade.

    After Talon brought Cade Skywalker back to the Sith Temple, Darth Krayt brought Talon, Darth Wyyrlok into his private quarters. There he revealed Kol Skywalker's lightsaber encased in transparisteel and he revealed to the three his true identity of A'Sharad Hett.

    After Krayt told his story to Cade and Talon, Cade insulted Darth Krayt. Enraged by this, Talon lashed out at Cade, attacking him with the Force, only to be Force-pushed into a wall by Cade. He then used his powers to re-open her recently healed wounds, almost killing her. Krayt ordered Cade to stop and heal her. Once Talon was healed, Darth Krayt ordered her to become Cade's master in the ways of the dark side. Time went by, and as she trained Cade the two shared a more intimate relationship, including sleeping together. But Talon sensed that Cade was only pretending to be a Sith. However, Krayt did not share Talon's concerns, as he felt that by pretending to be a Sith Acolyte, Cade would end up in the grip of the dark side. Later, Cade was making his way in the temple once again to rescue Hosk Trey'lis however, Talon awaited him and captured him taking him to Darth Krayt.

    Talon along with Darth Nihl, was present when Darth Krayt killed Hosk Trey'lis after Cade refused to do so. After Cade saw a vision of his father, Cade then used the Force to break the transparisteel that had his father lightsaber in it and hurl the broken shards at Talon, Nihl and Darth Krayt. He then took up his father's lightsaber and began a duel with the three Sith Lords. Talon was the first to be taken out of the fight as he stabbed her through the stomach.

    After Skywalker's escape from the temple, Talon was seen being tended to by Darth Maladi and placed in a bacta tank.

    Encounter with Skywalker at Had Abbadon

    After recovering from her battle with Cade Skywalker, Talon joined Darth Krayt, Darth Nihl's hand replacement Darth Stryfe and Darth Maladi to Had Abbadon where Skywalker was spotted. It was there that Talon dueled against Skywalker once again. Talon taunted him that he was closer to the dark side than he thinks. The duel ended shortly when explosives were detonated by Jariah Syn, leaving her and the other Sith minions wounded and unconscious. Shortly after the battle, little did Talon know, the man she had pledged her life to, Darth Krayt, was killed by his most trusted servant, Darth Wyyrlok.

    Recent Events

    Sometime after her recovery, Darth Wyyrlok assigned her to guard Darth Krayt's Stasis chamber and to let no one in. However, Darth Nihl, convinced by Darth Maladi, traveled to Korriban to investigate Darth Krayt's survival. Talon prevented him from entering the chamber, but chose to follow him when Nihl claimed that Krayt himself had summoned him with his mind. However, Krayt's body had vanished and only his armor remained. This shocked both Talon and Nihl.

    Talon defending Darth Krayt.
    Talon defending Darth Krayt.

    Sometime later, however, Talon mysteriously disappeared from the Temple. It is revealed that she into The Valley of the Dark Lords to talk to her master, Darth Krayt who was revealed to be alive. Soon, Darth Nihl followed and started to duel Darth Talon, but was interrupted by Darth Krayt, who revealed to Nihl that he was alive. He then showed him and Talon what he has store for the galaxy: Obedient Sith Troopers and a new type of space fighters called annihilators. Under her master's order, Talon delivered a carbonite-frozen Antares Draco to Cade as a "gift".

    Talon once again encountered Cade Skywalker when he led a strike team to infiltrate the Sith Temple on Coruscant. Talon, Stryfe and others engaged Cade’s team in combat but when Talon realized that Cade was more powerful than before, she fled to warn her master.

    Skywalker and Krayt fought once again and Cade finally killed him once and for all. Without their master, the One Sith swiftly crumbled.

    Darth Nihl took command as the new Dark Lord and ordered the surviving Sith, including Darth Talon, to infiltrate every planetary government in the galaxy in order to strike from the shadows. Darth Talon’s current whereabouts are unknown as she waits for her chance for revenge against Cade Skywalker.


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