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    Darth Maladi is the head of Sith Intelligence and Assassination for Darth Krayt.

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    Early Life

    Darth Maladi real name is Malincha and was born on her homeworld Devaron to an unknown mother and her Jedi father. Her parents were killed by Darth Krayt and was taken to Korriban to be trained as a Sith when she was young. While at the Sith Academy, she specialized in Yuuzhan Vong bioengineering, Sith mysticism, and being a physicist along with espionage. By the time she left the Sith Academy, she took the name Darth Maladi. Serving Darth Krayt, she became appointed as Director of Sith Intelligence and Assassination.

    Before 127ABY, Kol Skywalker was developing a project with Yuuzahn Vong Master Shaper Nei Rin, of terraforming-a way to revive and heal planets that were devastated by the Yuuzahn Vong War or any other causes in the past. Darth Krayt came up with a plan to sabotage the project using Darth Maladi and cause a war with the Galactic Alliance. The first planet that was sabotaged was the planet Wayland. When The Empire gotten word of what happened, Emperor Roan Fel allied with the Sith and went to war with the Galactic Alliance, causing the Sith Imperial War.

    When the Empire captured Couscant, Darth Maladi, along with High Moff Morlish Veed and Moff Nyna Calixte staged an attack on The New Jedi Temple on Ossus, despite Emperor Roan Fel promise of no attacks on the Jedi. After the attack on The New Jedi Temple, Darth Krayt turned his attention on Roan Fel.

    Using Morlish Veed to stage a coup, Krayt made his way to the throne room with Darth Maladi, along with Darth Wyyrlok, his faithful servant and his Hand Darth Nihl and assassinated Fel, however it was an impostor and the real Fel escaped the planet. Krayt, knowing that he killed Fel's double, Force pushed Maladi, and questioned why she couldn't find out that Fel used a double as she was the head of intelligence. He then told Maladi to find out which Moffs were loyal to Fel and loyal to Krayt.

    Darth Maladi decided to confront Calixte, knowing she was head of intelligence for the Empire. Maladi revealed to her that they had killed Fel's double and that she had sensed that Calixte had helped the real Fel escape. In truth, Calixte indeed help Fel escape, but she denied it, and told Maladi that only she could unite the Moffs for the coup.

    Maladi pondered whether she should learn the truth of Calixte's plans and intentions by using the Force, but decided to appoint her with leading the Imperial Intelligence, but told Calixte to report everything to her.

    Searching for Skywalker and Emperor Fel

    Seven years after the Sith Imperial War, Darth Krayt discovered that a Skywalker still lived, he ordered Darth Maladi to locate him. Maladi interrogated and tortured a Jedi by the name of Hosk Trey'lis, who was brought as a bounty the Sith set up for living Jedi. From him Maladi found out who was the one who captured him which left her to believe that one of his captor was Cade Skywalker. She then ordered Nyna Calixite to search for Skywalker. Meanwhile, Maladi discovered Emperor Fel's location: The Empire's former capital planet Bastion.

    Maladi knew along with Darth Krayt that there was no way to attack Bastion directly without suffering major losses, so she devised a plan using the Imperial governor of Munto Codru, Vikar Dorn. She used him to pretend to deflect to Emperor Fel using the Star Destoryer Dauntless and had Sith lord Darth Kruhl to hide aboard the ship and assassinate Fel.

    However, the plan failed when Fel, who was prepared for an attempt on his life and killed Darth Kruhl, along with the crew of the Dauntless except for Vikar Dorn, who was sent back with Kruhl's lightsaber as a message to the Sith. After Dorn told Maladi the story, she killed him with Kruhl's lightsaber for his failure.

    Capturing Skywalker

    When Cade Skywalker decided to rescue the Jedi Hosk Trey'lis, on the Sith temple on Couscant, he was captured by Darth Talon and Darth Nihl. Darth Maladi then told Nyna Calixite to call off the search on Skywalker. Later, Maladi tortured Cade in order to bring him closer to the Dark side. While torturing him Maladi informed Darth Krayt that that Cade purge himself from all the drugs she put inside him using the Force by bending them to his will. With this information, Krayt ordered Maladi to plant Yuuzahn Vong seeds into Cade friends Deliah Blue and Jariah Syn, who was also captured in order to demonstrate Cade's healing powers to him. With no choice, Cade used his powers to heal his friends.

    When Cade was invited to Darth Krayt's chambers, Krayt ordered Darth Wyyrlok to bar both Darth Nihl and Maladi's entrance save for Darth Talon. Nihl, angered by Krayt's decision was confronted by Maladi, saying that he wasn't born a Sith. Nihl responded to Maladi's statement saying she was was born a Sith and yet, she wasn't granted access to Krayt's chamber. Maladi told Nihl that she did not question Krayt's decision, but wondered why Krayt kept Skywalker alive.

    While Cade started his training as a Sith, both Maladi and Nihl discussed Krayt's obsession with him. Nihl claimed that if Krayt died with no heir, then there would be a power struggle, and that Skywalker would become Krayt's heir if he was to die. Maladi disagreed, and reprimanded Nihl when she realized his discussions were based on old holocrons that Nihl was secretly looking at when holocrons were forbidden to look at. However, before Krayt's plans were realized, Cade, who was pretending to be a Sith, made his escape thanks to

    Morrigan Corde (who was secretly Nyna Calixite and Cade's Mother). After Cade's departure, Maladi tended to both Darth Talon and Nihl's wounds that was inflicted by Skywalker. Maladi asked Krayt should she reattach Nihl's arm, however Krayt told her to replace Nihl's missing arm with a Yuuzahn Vong organic arm and place Talon in a batca tank to heal. Later, she was contacted by the pirate Rav, Cade former employer, and swore an oath that he would report information regarding Skywalker in exchange for credits.

    Encounter with the Rakghouls

    Once again, Darth Maladi was searching for Cade Skywalker. After some time, Darth Reave, traveled to Couscant in order to report that he had encountered Skywalker at his station on Had Abaddon along with a female Jedi who used Sith Alchemy to turn his stormtroopers into mutants called rakghouls, creatures that ravaged the planet Taris several millenniums ago but had gone extinct. Before he could finish his report, Reave transformed into a rakghoul and was killed by Darth Stryfe.

    Later Darth Krayt was contacted by the Jedi Celeste Morne who was pretending to be possessed by the Talisman spirit Karness Muur and told him that he had captured Cade. Krayt then decided to travel to Had Abaddon to recapture Cade Skywalker along with Darth Maladi, Stryfe and the fully recovered Talon. When they arrived, Muur took them to where Cade was being held. When they arrived, Celeste revealed that she was in complete control of herself and that it was a trap in order to assassinate Krayt.

    A battle took place between the Sith and Cade's group, that also included Imperial Knights Antares Draco, Ganner Kreig and Azlyn Rae. Maladi went to duel Jedi Knight Shado Vao and was evenly matched with him.

    As the battle waged on, Karness Muur took control of Celeste and attacked Darth Krayt commanding his Raghouls to attack him as well. Maladi, seeing her master in trouble, broke the fight with Vao and went to help her master. She blasted Force lightning at the possessed Celeste but it was reflected back at her, rending her unconscious.

    While she unconscious, Krayt was stabbed in the chest by Azlyn Rae from behind. Taking advantage of the situation, Muur blasted Krayt along with Rae with Force lightning and forced pushed Krayt off a cliff, apparently to his death. Maladi was later seen in recovery alongside Darths Stryfe and Talon, having been rescued by Darth Wyyrlok. Unknown to them, Darth Krayt was "killed" by his faithful servant Wyyrlok when Wyyrlok located him in the bottom of the canyon and struck him with Force lighting.

    Encounter on Wayland

    When Maladi recovered, Darth Wyyrlok informed her that Darth Krayt was badly wounded in the battle at Had Abaddon, and was put into a healing stasis on Korriban. Maladi however, had her suspicions. She believed that Wyyrlok was buying time in order to determine who would remain faithful to him and kill the ones in the Sith Order who would betray him. She decided to return to Wayland. Darth Nihl later decided to join her in her laboratory to talk to her about Wyyrlok. Nihl shared some doubts about Krayt's survival and Maladi convinced him to go to Korriban to check if he was alive.

    Meanwhile, Maladi decided to engineer a new bioweapon that would stabilize the One Sith. All she required was Cade Skywalker who was strong enough in the dark side of the Force, but not a Sith to act as her test subject. Maladi contacted the pirate Rav to lure Cade to Wayland with one million credits. While Cade and his companions were on Wayland, Maladi managed to capture Deliah Blue in order to lure Cade to her.

    When he arrived, Maladi had her placed in the Embrace of Pain, along with grafting a Vong bioform that couldn't be healed by Cade's healing abilities and only cause Blue pain when he tried to. Maladi revealed her plans to Cade and forced him to help with her plans. After time spent under Maladi's torture and tests, Skywalker succumbed to his anger and grabbed her, underestimated Cade's power of the dark side. He showed Maladi her own fears and told her to fear him. Maladi Force pushed him and set the laboratory to detonate, leaving Skywalker and his friends to die.

    Omega Red

    Broken by Skywalker's attack on her mind and with her plot to take over the sith unraveled leaving her vulnerable, Darth Maladi was captured by the Fel Empire, where she offered Emperor Fel a deal- she would give him a toxin, Omega Red, which could wipe out all life on a planet, allowing him to wipe out the Sith if unleashed on their world, in exchange for him giving her Cade Skywalker for revenge.

    Roan Fel did not immediately accept the offer, but eventually took the toxin and told her he'd 'think about' her payment. Little did he know that the toxin was a trap, designed to wipe out all life on a planet save for Sith, who were by design, immune. With the reborn Krayt pushing invasion once again with his new force of Sith Troopers and the Fel Empire and it's allies engaged in a desperate struggle on Coruscant, Emperor Fel gave in to temptation, and tried to unleash Omega Red on the planet.

    A move that'd wipe out many of the Krayt Empire's enemies and billions of civilians, turning the galaxy against the Fel Empire once and for all and destroying any possible alliance that could defeat them, just as Krayt and Maladi had planned. Only his own people seeing the horror in what he was doing and slaying him prevented the toxin's release and saved Coruscant.

    Meanwhile, the not-so-broken Darth Maladi took advantage of the reduced security while all local forces were engaged in battle, and escaped her cell. Upon hearing Darth Nihl's orders for the One Sith to scatter after Darth Krayt's defeat, she disappeared, to resume her work in secrecy.


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