Character » Dartalon appears in 33 issues.

    Dartalon is a member of the Wanderers whose body produces sharp quills which he uses as projectile weapons.

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    Dartalg was a member of the Wanderers and an expert marksman who carried a blowgun that fired specialized gimmick darts.

    After he died and was resurrected through cloning, he was renamed Dartalon and his appearance was changed. Dartalon's body gained the ability to grow sharp quills which he could use as projectile weapons. His body could regenerate the quills quickly after they were used.

    Dartalon is a fierce fighter and often uses the quills on the backs of his hands as claws. He also carries a quiver filled with quills he has already removed and treated with poisons, explosives, sedatives, etc.

    Since their resurrection, Dartalon has formed a close friendship with his fellow Wanderer Elvar.

    In the New52, the character Quiller was based in the Dartalon version of the character. He served as base for the character Quill in the Supergirl live action series.


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