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    Character » Dart (Jill) appears in 110 issues.

    Dart was a vigilante in Detroit before helping out Savage Dragon in Chicago. Is also part of the Freak Force.

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    Jill August was born on August 12, 1969, in Detroit, Michigan. She was a witness to the constant abuse that her mother received from her father and also she saw the abuse that her friend took from a coach at her school. After mother was killed by her father and her father was sent to prison, Jill was put into an orphanage.

    During her time as a teenager, Jill witnessed her friend being attacked by a group of men at a bar in Detroit. She tried to intervene and fell against the dartboard that was hanging on the barroom wall. She threw the darts to defend herself from the men that were going to attack her. She was able to seriously injure her enemies due to the stunning accuracy she was able to display while using the darts.

    Jill then trained herself using a number of different types of martial arts principles and perfecting her dart-throwing accuracy. She created a costume for herself and took the name "Dart" in order to become a superhero in Detroit.

    Alternate Earth

    Jill August is dead and her niece Alison Summers is wearing her dart costume and name.


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