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Born and raised in England, probably London, and the scion of a wealthy family, Darnell emigrated to America around the time of the Second World War. 


Darnell Caldecott was created by James Robinson and Cully Hamner

Major Story Arcs

The Shade 

Caldecott first encounters the Shade in 1944, when Shade seeks him out in response to Caldecott's imminent assassination. Caldecott, an industrialist who has thrown himself and his industrial empire into the war effort, is being targeted by Nazi agents, who are being aided by his wife. Shade rescues him, and the pair spend some time discussing their familial connection before parting ways for several decades. At some point he retreats to a large house on a mountain just outside of Alice Springs in Australia. He and Shade meet again after Caldecott, dying of leukaemia, sends Will von Hammer to attempt to acquire some of Shade's blood. He reveals that he seeks the blood in order to prolong his life long enough to seek out the member of their family who is attempting to use arcane means to take over the world. Shade sets off to acquire the blood for him, but Caldecott dies before Shade can locate a viable sample.  

Powers and Abilities

Caldecott has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is of above average intelligence, possessing a keen business and industrial sense, as well as being notably charismatic.  

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