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Darlene is a rather ordinary young business woman, when you get down to it, save for one exceptional fact: she's married to the one and only Jack Magniconte! More commonly known as Mr. Magnificent, this pro football player is a quarterback for the New York Smashers, an NFL team showing serious promise. Of course, one wouldn't think that all too weird, since football players are people, too.

The trick, though, is that Jack developed incredible paranormal powers in the wake of the White Event, powers that set him above and beyond his peers. After growing tired of football, since his 'edge' was removing all of the challenge inherent to the game, Jack decided that he wanted to use his powers to help the little guy, folks who had oddball problems and couldn't turn to anyone else.

He may've decided this after his brother was killed by mobsters, in a Spider-Man style epiphany, but Darlene was nonetheless there to help him out. She helped Jack, along with several of his football buddies, to form Kickers, Inc., a non-profit group that would go around and look into oddball mysteries and such. Of course, Darlene wanted in on the action, so she joined them on their investigations.

While Kickers, Inc. did their thing in helping others, Darlene was also helping Jack to cope with his newfound abilities and the dramatic effect they were having on his life - and the lives of those around him. Eventually, though, all good things come to and end, and after the C.I.A. found out that Jack was a paranormal, he joined the Army to avoid their clandestine clutches.

Though their main paranormal muscle was now gone, Darlene and her fellow Kickers continued on in their mission to help others in need of assistance against the bizarre, and with paranormals ever increasing in number, they were likely to have their hands full for a very long time. As far as one can tell, Kickers, Inc. was in business at least until the hectic events surrounding the War.

After that, Darlene was reunited with her husband, Jack, who went on to serve for a time in the government's Paranormal Platoon before going solo as the All-American. Darlene's fate, as well as that of the other members of Kickers, Inc., has yet to be revealed. However, since her world was destined to suffer increasingly strange occurrences, it's likely that Darlene is still one of the Kickers...!


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