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A  very young girl who grew up in the streets of New York's Hells Kitchen. She was (the only female) member of the street-gang of skating youths named the Fatboys. She was first seen sitting in front of a t.v. with her family while developing a crush on the X-man Longshot, whom she saw on t.v. Later she frequently appeared with her gang in the Daredevil comics. She and other members even helped him out from time to time. She was the 'kind of girlfriend" of her fellow Fatboys group member Eight-Ball (though neither of them would ever admit it) . Later on, a future version of her appeared in an future timeline, in witch she and other members of the Fatboys had become powerful heroes and became known as the Bratpack. Darla's nickname, in this time, was Jubilee.
She appeared years later again when she met Daredevil, but has not been heard from since.

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