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    The Dangerous Darkwing Ducks of Different Dimensions.

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    Initially, this was not a working team, but simply alternate versions of Darkwing Duck. However, with the evil help of fellow alternate DW NegaDuck and sorceress Magica De Spell they were all collected (or rather kidnapped) and brought back to the Darkwing Prime World. Here. There, they were put under a spell by De Spell to serve the evil vilians's evil purposes.


    This team was created by Ian Brill (writer) and James Silvani (artist). However, it was technically unnamed, so though some great ingenuity, Comic Vine User The Poet (man is he handsome and brilliant!) dubbed the team: "Darkwings of the Multiverse". This name is actually a parody of Grant Morrison's Supermen of the Multiverse.

    Ian Brill had previously stated in an interview that in making this story arc:

    .... I was subconsciously inspired by Grant Morrison and all those alternate Supermans in Final Crisis. This is a very different story in a very different style of course, but I think the influence is there. If it wasn't for Grant I wouldn't be writing comics. He's permanently influenced how I look at things...

    Thus, the already chosen name is justified.

    To justify the name even more, the great writer (flattery does get you somewhere!) Ian brill said on Boom! Studio's Q & A forum for Darkwing Duck regarding the name:

    I approve, always go with alliteration!

    And thus, an editor is very very happy! : )

    Major Arcs

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings

    Negaduck and Magica's plan was to use the Darkwings to attack the Prime Version of the city of St. Canard, framing the regular Darkwing Duck in the process. The first hypnotized alternate the villains used to attack the citizens of St. canard was Spaceman Darkwing. Next, they used Caveman Darkwing to attack the St. Canard Natural History Museum. Their third alternate attack by a familiar flaming arrow vigilante was upon some St. Canard Police Department employees who were trying to capture Ammonia Pine. Knowing the rule of baseball more than actual detective work, the Police department (headed by a familiar Police commissioner) made Darkwing Prime public enemy number one. This made the already paranoid citizens go out and protest Darkwing prime, blaming him

    When I push the button!
    When I push the button!

    as a scapegoat for everything including the mysterious goings on within the murky waters of Audubon Bay.

    Darkwing would try to dispell (get it, the villian of the arc's name is de spell...oh never mind) these rumors he had attacked the city. He was interrupted by the camera loving Liquidator who spoke of a force controlling the waters. Negaduck chose that moment to let his plan go to act two and thus released all the Darkwings.

    Some of the major Darkwings attacking the city was Bowling Ball Darkwing, Dark Warrior Duck (who the villains didn't need to hypnotize), and so many more that it would take a mad man to actually collect them all on one page (*editor looks up from typing* "oh, wait! right!"). The third Darkwing Duck alternate attacker would chose this moment of turmoil to attack the Mallard Residence. Although Morgana McCawber was knocked out in the fight, Darkwing would win the fight and they would realize who was controlling the Darkwings.

    Following his fight with Darkwing Prime, the third alternate known as " Quiverwing Duck" remembered what being a hero was all about and he slipped away to another place in the story.

    Darkwing, Morgana and the new Gosmo duck went to face the villains only to find Negaduck, Magica and Werewolf Darkwing are waiting for them. Meanwhile, Quiverwing captured some of the Hypnotized Alternates (such as Dr. Who, Optimus Prime, simba and the Jonas Brothers, before facing Dark Warrior Duck. After defeating his dark fellow alternate, Quiverwing saves the day by stealing Magica's pendant, thus taking away her hold upon the Darkwings.

    The Darkwings of the Multiverse are now all un-hypnotized, just in time to face the combined forces of Negaduck and new comer Paddywhack (who had been "playing" with Audubon Bay). With the help of all the Alternates and Megavolt's Tronsplitter, they are able to split the villains up and defeat them both.

    Bowling Ball Darkwing, being an expert at reverse engineering, was able to send all the Darkwings back to their rightful dimentions, but is this the end of the Darkwings of the Multiverse? Yeah Right!

    Mayoral Arc

    There was a cameo in DW #14 of Flying Monkey Darkwings in a flashback.

    In DW #16, there is a cameo of all of the major alternate darkwings in a review of the whole series illusion created by Suff-Rage.


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