Character » Darkwing appears in 37 issues.

    Darkwing is a Batman analogue in the Invincible universe.

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    The original Darkwing was a hero with no powers. He was a member of the Guardians of the Globe and had a sidekick. When Darkwing was killed by Omni-Man, his sidekick became the new Darkwing. This Darkwing had powers that let him enter a completely black realm called the "shadowverse" by walking into shadows. He could use this to approximate teleportation or to trap enemies inside it. He wasn't as good as his predecessor in any sense. He wasn't on his level in fighting ability or in moral fiber. Instead of protecting his city, he became its dictator. Invincible had to be called in to stop him.

    Powers & Abilities

    Original Darkwing

    The original Darkwing was extremely similar to Batman, and was a human in peak physical form, master hand-to-hand combatant, and possessing a powerful array of gadgets. He was known to be almost everywhere in his city.

    New Darkwing

    The new Darkwing was only an above-average hand-to-hand combatant, had little gadgets, and relied on his "Shadowverse" powers that allowed him to walk into shadows, teleport, and trap enemies inside it.


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