Darkwing "superpowered superhero" Duck

    Character » Darkwing "superpowered superhero" Duck appears in 3 issues.

    An alternate dimensional Darkwing who wears a suit similar to Gizmo Duck

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    Darkwing with Gizmo Duck armor

     When Darkwing Duck is unable to stop Megavolt and Gizmo Duck is (and puts him temparaliy jail), Drake becomes depressed. He thinks for sure that he would be able to do more good if he had superpowers. After a failed attempt with gamma radiation (Launchpad needed to get the broom), Gizmo Duck comes to help.
    He creates a suit not unlike his own, but  with more glitchs, and makes Darkwing able to fly.
    When Megavolt excapes, the two gizmoed ducks try to stop him, but he manages to create a super electro magnet, stopping the two heroes. However, Darkwing gets out of his funk and suit and saves the day.

    Alternate Dimensional (comic) version

     A version of this character is seen as one of the Darkwings of the Multiverse that were being controlled by Magica De Spell and Negaduck to rampage in St. Canard.



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