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Don't miss the blockbuster, much-heralded return of Darkwing Duck in this new volume collecting the new arc of the hit ongoing series! Darkwing Duck is back, and back, and back and back some more as the city of St. Canard is under siege by an army of twisted Darkwings under the control of the original deranged Darkwing double, Negaduck, and his new partner in crime, the wicked witch Magica de Spell! How will our hero dispense justice when he's public enemy number-one?! The Duck Knight has returned so hop aboard for danger and deadly doppelgangers in the epic “Crisis on Infinite Darkwings!”

Back Blurb

They are the terrors that flap in the night!

Darkwing Duck is back, and back, and back some more in a thrilling new adventure starring--too many Darkwings? St. Canard falls under attack from an army of Darkwing doppelgangers--a nefarious plot orchestrated by the original deranged Darkwing double Negaduck and his wicked witch partner Magica De Spell. But as the Darkwing clone count rises, out hero's approval raitings plummet until even the people of St. Canard turn against him. Can Darkwing Duck send those cantankerous clones packing, stop his ultimate nemesis, and still have a social life? Find out in this exciting new volume!


Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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