gmanfromheck's Darkwing Duck Annual #1 - Toy With Me, The Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle review

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Oversized Issue Means Oversized Fun

Get ready for an oversized, double the fun issue of Darkwing Duck. 

The Good 

Every hero needs a good villain. One of Darkwing Duck's is Quackerjack. While it's easy to misunderstand a villain's motives, the story here focuses on adding some depth to the character. Your average villain just wants to rule the world. That isn't the case with Quachkerjack. Before you dismiss this as just a Disney-adapted comic, wait until you see the end. I have to admit I let out a little "whoa" on the last page of that story. Ian Brill manages to capture a wide range of emotions in this one story.
If that wasn't enough, there's also a story with Gosalyn written by creator Tad Stones. Who doesn't want a story featuring Darkwing Duck's daughter, time travel and...a turtle? On top of that, there's even a message from Stones on the origin(s) of Darkwing Duck. We get a little insight about the creation of the show and where some of the ideas came from. 

The Bad 

This was a book full of pure fun. The only possible thing I can complain about is the slight reference to the current state of online games that sort of sets it apart from the time the show aired. But it does work and helps bring the comic forward for today's readers as well as fans of the show. Also, it seemed Gosalyn might want to be a little more cautious with her father's secret identity when he's in costume. Thankfully, the villain didn't catch on. 

The Verdict 

Have you ever heard of Darkwing Duck? Have you ever watched the show or had any interest in the character? Even if your answer is no, you should check this comic out. This is what comic annuals should be about. You get two stories, great stories filled with humor, action and even some emotion along with the bright and colorful artwork you would expect from a comic based on a Disney animated series. Reading this comic really makes me wish I had watched the show when it originally aired and that there were still new episodes. Darkwing Duck is clearly a comic that old and new fans can enjoy.


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Posted By longbowhunter

I'm a longtime Darkwing fan. That said I have not picked up a single issue of this. When the first couple of issues came out they flew off the shelves so fast I couldnt get a copy. After that it became one of those "I'll read in trade" books that is still on the back burner.
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Posted By Fantasgasmic

Never having read these comics (but having seen the show and flipped thru the covers here) I am AMAZED by the awesome homages in the cover art.

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Posted By Trodorne

I have to say, i was surprised with the ending of Quackerjack. and it was a very deep annual that did not dissapoint. I really think Ian Brill puts much love into what he does with Darkwing Duck and Chip N Dales Rescue Rangers. Great review by the way.

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