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    Just to save time and cause this is the third time im doing this cause firefox does not want to stay stable long enough for me to finish. Im continuing my review of Darkwing Duck. this is after i finally found a copy of #3 at the fan expo down in the Boom! Studios booth. so now ill finally get to do this review. so lets get into this before my Firefox goes aFOWL!

The Story

 Yeah, that one incident...
 Yeah, that one incident...

      We come back to this series with a better view over all on how and why Darkwing stopped being the Caped Crusader of St.Canard. We learn at the same time the reason for Launchpad leaving or being kicked out. this story plays very well in trying to fill most of the gaps that existed in the beginning of the story. 
      With the previous 2 issues kind of being slow. But with this i feel much better as we are getting the back ground and where this series is going. Ian Brill remains at the helm of this series and brings us more into the world of darkwing duck and for those who are not familiar with the series it is a great partial introduction. In the previous reviews i did i mentioned how we did not get enough information on what happened, but at the same time the end of this issue raises a question to what happened to Negaduck in all of this.
 The incident that made Quackerjack snap.
 The incident that made Quackerjack snap.
       We are given a return of The fearsome five....four, and the return of their favorite play thing. Darkwing Duck and proceed to chase him. from this poiint it goes from just being a part of catch up and makes me feel im back into the show and i have not missed much.  the Issue also we get a cameo from Gadget from rescue rangers, which is a bit of a hint of things to come from Boom! studios. 
      The issue ends with the appearance of Taurus Bulba at the helm of Quackwerks. This story i found is A LOT better then the previous issues in terms of story. I can't wait for issue 4 to come out. and i would love to see this become the series that i know it can be.  I give the story a 4.5 out of 5, its a great story and has really picked up from what it once was.

The Pretty Colours

 The boys are back in town.
 The boys are back in town.

       I am going to be very brief in this section. some of my complaints in the past have been overshadowed in how much i loved this issue. so no real ISSUES here. enough puns. not real problems with this James Silvani ddoes great work again at the design of the characters that make up this world. I love the cameo's of other characters that appear in this series with Flounder to Gadget. 
      I love how they show the difference with what is going on now and in the past by making a brown tinge to the background just to let us know "hey its in the past". I have yet to find people with a problem with the art. with recent sales going on i don't see what they are doing wrong with this comic. a recent poll taken and out of 10 people 9 people loved the art, the 10th person was taken out for summary execution so we'll ignore them. 
   Over all i give the art a 4.5 out of 5. With the direction of the art. we will see more like this from boom! studios and how they plan to bring back more bits from our past and revitalize it for this generation and the next. 

Overall Thoughts

 Told you im not Bull'n you. but he is....
 Told you im not Bull'n you. but he is....
  Overall the story in this issue was great. but with things going on i still had one nagging question in the back of my mind as i got through half way into the story. what happened to Negaduck? But in the end the story is great and the art balanced well with the story so well. 
    The "cartoony" which i almost never read is great and keeps things going at keeping me into the comic series reminding what many of the elements made Darkwing Duck a great piece of my past. no character was changed to make the "Fresh and new" to quote my hated screenwriter of all times Alex Litvak. that you can keep the series very nostalgic in its look and at the same time convey it with a story that is great for people of the original generation and the next gen. 
   Overall the issue has a 4.7. i gave it a .2 add on cause i liked it that much. it was a great issue and if you liked the past 2 issues then i say pick up this issue as it is finally getting more into what we wanted to see from the series. For those who missed my last review i did one in my blog here. and stay tuned this week or today as ill be doing a blog on the Toronto Fan Expo that took place this past weekend. for everyone else out there. You are well come to follow my reviews on Comicvine, and drop your comments below.

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