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The DARKWING DUCK/DUCKTALES crossover event twenty years in the making picks up from DUCKTALES #5 here — with this issue marking Part 2 of “Dangerous Currency.” Whatever happened to Fenton Crackshell, the original Gizmoduck? Darkwing Duck and visiting Duckburg tycoon Scrooge McDuck intend to find out…that is, if they don’t disappear themselves! Second to last issue—with DARKWING DUCK #18 coming out the same month. It’s the end of an era as KABOOM! says goodbye this month to Disney in a final epic story spanning DARKWING DUCK #17, DUCK TALES #6 and DARKWING DUCK #18.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ARegular Cover AJames Silvani1
BRegular Cover BSabrina Alberghetti2


  • The Regular cover B is a homage and a parody of the movie poster of Adventures in Babysitting.

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With the second issue of the Darkwing Duck / Duck Tales Crossover (Dangerous Currency!), the action only heats up! (and that is an understatement if I ever typed one!). This is the moment I wish we could vote higher than just 5 stars...Recap!So St. Canard is being taken over by an evil-inducing ink and only the combined powers of Uncle Scrooge and Darkwing…so yeah! There's a recap! Oh, and now our heroes are now going to the heart of all the evil to confront the villains!Gosalyn and her interact...

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