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The Begining of Something, but what?

Its been more than a year since Darkwing Duck #1 graced the shelves of comic books stores every where and a major player in my pull list was added. In honor of that Dangerous duck's comic anniversary, I thought I would review lucky number 13.

The cover

Lets start with the cover, shall we? Cover A is a very vibrant piece done by the interior artist of the comic, James Silvani. It is quite reminiscent of the 90s comics ( example of this art here) staring our web footed wonder. Exactly why he is pined down by all these random things I'll hopefully get to later, so moving on to Cover B. This is the cover I have. It was done by Sabrina Alberghetti (who should get her own series because of her talent). It shows Darkwing and the love of his life Morgana McCawber.

The Story

Normally, alternate covers (like Cover B) don't really have anything to do with the story or are a parody of an older more famous cover (like #12's homage to the x-men: days of future past). However, this Cover B really tells the story of Darkwing's big loss. In the last arc, " F.O.W.L. Disposition", Morgana goes out to fight the menace known as Duckthulhu and (without giving much away) has disappeared because of that great battle. 

This story picks up where the arc leaves off and finds Darkwing sort of mopping about. As if to cheer up the Duck Knight, a new super villain has come to throw our hero for a loop (or just throw a loop and a lot of other stuff. Including, I might add, what appears to be a nuke).  

Interesting tidbits

I really find it funny that the name of this new anything-throwing adversary, One-shot, also describes the form of this comic (its quite clever when you read the description of this comic months in advance. does it mean the story is a one-shot? or the villian? Answer: Both! ha!)


I wasn't that crazy about this issue. It was like it was lacking the piazza of the previous issues. It was an entertaining story, but I think Ian Brill is better with longer stories. Given what we have seen (and after the whole crisis thing), I'm assuming we won't see anything earth shattering, though Darkwing running for Mayor might just be earth shattering.
However, the art is wonderful (Silvani still puts cameos of disney characters and stuff, like Thomas O'malley or a very slight cameo of Madame Medusa's Swamp Mobile from the Rescuers which are enjoyable to find after ward). All and all, this is a great issue and this arc (whatever its name might be) shows potiential to be fun.
I would recommend this issue to fans of Darkwing (though they should start in the previous arc to understand why Darkwing is mopping). I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5. So, Hurrah! I leave you with my favorite moment:
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