Darkwing Doubloon

    Character » Darkwing Doubloon appears in 3 issues.

    "I am the terror that sails the seas, I am the flea on your parit. I am the Darkwing Doubloon" A pirate version of Darkwing Duck

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    The original Darkwing Doubloon

     Three hundred years ago, there was another masked mallard who fought for justice: Darkwing Doubloon!

                                                                                        --Darkwing Duck
    He was known by the royals, who look strangely like Herb and Binkie, as Seamen Drake; one of his crew. Tank is also seen terrorizing Honker. However, his secret identity is "the scourge of the seven seas, Darkwing Doubloon" (according to King Herb).
    "There were supervillians then too like today, in fact, exactly like today." There was a pirate ship entirely composed of Fearsome Five lookalikes: Negaduck, Bushroot, Quackerjack, Megavolt, and the Liquidator. It is unknown how most of them got their powers.
    There was also a group of hero [pirates] composed of Launchpad, Gosalyn, Gizmo Duck (who somehow possesses a moter in his armor) and stigmutt (not sure how that dinosaur got his powers in this time period).

    Alternate Demintional Doubloon

    He is seen as one of the Darkwings of the multiverse, terrorizing St. Canard (normal). He is hipnotised by Negaduck (normal) and Magica De Spell. It is unknown if this Doubloon is the equivalent of the TV show version (alternate demintion of course) as that would mean there is a Negaduck of another demintion that is pirate-ized.


    While in his Doubloon identity, he possesses a british acsent. 
    He still uses gas as an entrance, but without the assistance of a gas gun.

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