Character » Darkstrider appears in 21 issues.

    An enemy of Shang-Chi, who more recently fought against the X-man Wolverine.

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    Shang-Chi, while traveling with the Circus of Moon Sun, learned about Darkstrider's history from the circus performers. But everyone of them had a different story, all claiming to be the truth. In one story, Darkstrider was a poor farmer who swore revenge for the death of his wife, while another story claimed he was the head of a group of ninja's. In truth Darkstrider was the Circus leader Moon Sun and the performers were the Warlords of the Web ninjas themself.


    Darkstrider was created by Doug Moench.

    Major Story Arcs

    Goodbye, Chinatown

    Darkstrider is seen alongside Soulstriker, Rock of the Buddha and Razorfist, guarding the dragons who were used for moving massive shipments of drugs. Led by the Jade Claw, the drugs is harvested from underground fields as big as Australia and transported to many places, among them San Francisco's Chinatown. Their operation is discovered by Wolverine and Gorilla-Man. With the help of Master Po and the Fat Cobra, Jade Claw's operation is destroyed.

    Powers and Abilities

    Darkstrider has six arms and is an excellent unarmed combat fighter. He also knows his way around martial arts.


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